Understanding Cancer: Why You Should Be Prepared Before a Cancer Diagnosis by Tina Buenzli

Understanding Cancer: Why You Should Be Prepared Before a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer. The National Institutes of Health states that one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. This means we will all have someone close to us diagnosed, if not ourselves. Because of this, it would be wise to know what to do prior to a diagnosis so we can remain calm, rational and make good, educated decisions that help heal and support our bodies and immune systems. It’s sort of like doing a fire drill.

  • Be prepared. Understand what cancer is and why our bodies make it. 
  • Know the types of lifestyle practices to follow to possibly stop making cancer, thereby letting the body correct itself, bringing it back into balance. You might even find that through this preparedness, you make a few lifestyle changes now, so you may never have to deal with cancer personally. 

That’s my wish and why Triumph Over Health (TOH) was created. TriumphOverHealth.com has a page dedicated to what to do if diagnosed with cancer. A top Stage IV healing protocol and “Questions to Ask Your Oncologist” are included. Please share this valuable information today! 

Photo: Tina Buenzli and her best friend. "She died so I could live. This post is dedicated to her."

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Tina Buenzli . Cancer is a scary thing to think about, but being prepared is key. And, lifestyle changes ahead of time may make all the difference. Thanks for all you do to educate people to live healthier lives!
Tina Buenzli
You are so welcome Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds All Schmitz! I love helping people discover how their body works and then how to get on a wellness path. When you are blessed with answers, I believe it is your duty to Pay It Forward.

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