We have been writing posts for our boys about life and our adventures to our site. www.foryouson.com. 'We' being Mama and Papa ๐Ÿ˜‰

We live in a small semi-rural, coastal town south of Auckland in New Zealand, on a small block of land along with our many animals - dogs, cats and chickens. We value and cherish our Mฤori culture and in many ways as possible, try to share this with our son through every day life. Ensuring he learns our language is very important to us, to steed him well for the future.

As you may see through our messages, we believe in looking after our Earth (Papatuanuku) and all living creatures. We aim to live as sustainable a life as possible. We're still on a journey ourselves here, but believe all steps count. Healthy living is a priority for us so we aim to be active and eat good, nutritious food (most of the time of course!)

We love being outdoors and experiencing new places. More than any 'toy' or gift, we believe this is one of the most important things we can give our son - time together exploring, living and learning.

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