Mom, Remember Your Why: A 30-Second Life Hack for a Better Life! by Toni Graham

5 years ago
Mom, Remember Your Why: A 30-Second Life Hack for a Better Life!

Spend 30 seconds every morning, and anytime throughout your day when your mind slips, to remember your why. 

  • Your why creates the world you live in, gives you perspective and brings your mind back to where it needs to be.
  • Your why is the reason you do everything you do. Give it meaning, write it everywhere and even give your why its own theme song, so every time you hear it you smile.
  • My why is simple. It's my family. But you have to give it more meaning than that to bring you back when times get hard.

I wrote a blog post about my son who is part of my why. It's hard for me to read this and not understand my why. It's made me a better person and made me work harder everyday. Create your why, and give it 30 seconds every day. 

Read my blog post here!

Toni Graham
Yay. Another tip. Thank you for the aroha (love).
Toni Graham
Thank you. So glad you liked it. Such an important 30 seconds of your day.

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