Vegan Kids: How to Get Your Toddler Enough Plant-Based Protein by Samantha Martin

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4 months ago
Vegan Kids: How to Get Your Toddler Enough Plant-Based Protein

How many grams of protein does your child need? The answer depends on the size of your toddler (assuming no other health issues are present). Take your child's weight and divide it by 2. That number is how many grams of protein he or she needs. For example, a 30-pound toddler needs 15 grams of protein. Here are two easy ways to get those grams in a plant-based diet:

  • Non-dairy Milk: Pea-protein and soy-based milks tend to have the highest grams. For example, Ripple pea-protein milk has 8 grams per cup. So 2 cups a day would be all the protein a 30-pound toddler needs.
  • Tofu: Per 1/2 cup there are 10 grams of protein. Tofu is also an awesome form of protein for babies since it is easy to chew and can take on any flavor you want. Scramble it, sauté is, throw it in a smoothie.

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Nicole DeAvilla
I wish I knew this when my kids were young! Thanks and welcome to the tribe Samantha Martin
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
So interesting! Thank you for sharing. So excited to learn and grow with you, Samantha Martin !
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thanks for these tips, Samantha Martin! And welcome. We're glad to have you!

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