Simple Travel With Kids: How & Why to Enjoy Simplicity When Traveling With Family by Erin Musto

Simple Travel With Kids: How & Why to Enjoy Simplicity When Traveling With Family

Every time I let life get complicated, I am reminded of the truth – simple is best. In science classes, we were always reminded of KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple). I am not a stupid fan, but it fits. Life is best enjoyed simply.

I remember the summers growing and later summers with my girls – they were simple. The highlights being bonfires with cousins, bathing in the lake and rockin' classic rock. When we did travel, it was often to explore a cider mill, nature walks, a cavern or maybe an Amish town. Our family adventures were often laced with geology, history or culture lessons and we had no idea. 

I remember our big memorable family RV vacation to Maryland and Washington, D.C. What an adventure! We saw museums, rode the subway, visited battlefields and an old mine. I remember so much, and it was pretty perfect simple. I remember the sites, the food and my one souvenir. All of which were, especially in today’s times, were simple and memorable.

I would love to see the world, to adventure all over, but I want to embrace the simple and exploratory style of my youth. I want to relish in the adventure and simplicity of my youth. Won't you come along?

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Donna John
Yes! Some of my favorite memories growing up are just being at the river. I still do that with my adult kids. We rent a house on the river and just basically float, eat, listen to music, play card games and make fires. Nothing better.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, how I love this, Erin Musto ! I'm currently enjoying a simple stay-cation! Sometimes simple really is best.
Elisa Schmitz
I love how this post takes me back to simple vacations at my grandparents house in a small town, where life just slowed down, and to trips to Lake of the Ozarks. Fishing, boating and reading were my favorite pastimes there. Thank you for sharing this and bringing back the simple truth that simple is best, Erin Musto !
Mike Prochaska
Yes my kids always remember the Small simple things. For example we went to the smoky mountains and there favorite part was playing in the river with me next to the dollar store while my wife was buying food for our cabin as we were waiting to be able to check in.

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