A Shout Out to All the Amazing Dads on Father’s Day Parenting

As Father’s Day quickly approaches and messages flood social media to thank dads for all they do for their children, I think it’s important we remember that many (most?) dads are deserving of praise year-round. I am married to one such man who, as I am known to tell just about anyone who will listen, is hands-down the best parent in this two-parent household.

  • Dads are not babysitting when they watch their children – they are parenting.
  • Dads don’t need lists of reminders from Mom about how to parent – they, too, raise their kids.

Dads are not bumbling idiots who burn the dinner and melt diapers in the laundry. Most dads are just like most moms – they are trying their hardest to be the best parents they know how to be. Dads love their children, read them stories, build forts, get their nails painted and have shopping dates. They are equals, and our stories about them should reflect this.

Shower them with love on Father’s Day, of course. Take them out to brunch or throw a ball around in the yard. But give them credit the other 364 days of the year, too. I know I am eternally thankful for the best dads – the ones in my life. 

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Spot on! Love this, Courtney Battista Bish . Thank you and Happy Father’s Day to this amazing dad (and all the dads)! 💗
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