Do Your Kids Have a Loving, Involved Dad? 5 Reasons to Sing His Praises! Dads Parenting

When a loving father's involved in his child's live, kids benefit greatly, and according to research it might be in ways you didn't expect. Here are five reasons to sing Dad's praises!

  • A loving father is the best predictor of the level of compassion a child will develop.
  • Children with involved, caring fathers have better educational outcomes.
  • A loving father is associated with lower levels of violence and greater respect for women in boys.
  • A loving father is associated with self-worth and virtue that leads to less sexualization of young girls.
  • Fathers are associated with increased relationship success levels in children as they mature into adulthood.

See? It's incredible the impact of fathers on our children's lives! More incredible facts on the impact of dads here!

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