Marriage Makeover: 4 Relationship Resolutions to Start Right Now! by Mei Marcie

a year ago
Marriage Makeover: 4 Relationship Resolutions to Start Right Now!

When the new year started, most of us had goals to start it off right. It might have been our career, learning a skill, helping our kids. But what about improving our marriages? Marriage takes work year-round. Here are four resolutions to start now for your marriage! 

  • Take time to focus on the person, and not the daily grind of chores, kids and work. 
  • Don’t focus on your spouse's faults, but look at strengths. 
  • Evaluate on how you can love better, not how you want to be loved better. 
  • Make couple time a must! 

Your relationship is worth it!

How to Improve Your Relationships: 50 Ways to Love Your Lover & Keep Your Relationship Alive!

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
"Evaluate on how you can love better..." This is awesome, Mei Marcie , thank you!

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