"Become the Fire" Is Here! Learn More About the Book & How to Connect With Author Elisa Schmitz & Community by Elisa Schmitz

"Become the Fire" Is Here! Learn More About the Book & How to Connect With Author Elisa Schmitz & Community

It’s a big day. I’m holding my new book, Become the Fire: Transform Life’s Chaos into Business and Personal Success, in my hands. 🔥

After years of ideating, interviewing and writing; then rewriting, editing, refining and proofing; the book is actually here. In. My. Hands. 🔥

I’ve been hearing from early readers that they’re also receiving their copies of Become the Fire, and the pictures and feedback they’re sending is giving me an all-new feeling of overwhelming joy. Best of all is hearing that the book’s message is resonating.

That the stories and lessons shared by me and 10 other diverse women leaders are already helping readers to redefine what success means, and inspiring them to achieve it.

To look at their chaos and fire in a different way. To motivate them to make their own dreams come true.

To inspire them to use their fire as fuel to achieve fulfillment and success, whatever that looks like to them.

I am filled with immense gratitude that this moment finally arrived; that the book is actually here. I did it, my friends. I overcame all that chaos in my life so the spark could become a flame. 🔥

Today, that flame is a blaze, and I have become the fire. And Become the Fire is In. My. Hands. 🔥

Become the Fire is now available wherever books are sold. And, we launched it into the world with a free and fun virtual event (via Zoom)! Attendees got to see and hear an exclusive interview of me by media executive Emily Smith, who turned the tables on me to get the inside scoop! It was extra fun because Emily is my former boss at Disney, so she had the best "insider" questions (GULP!).

Plus, we gave away awesome Become the Fire prizes. Need a creative outlet or more “white space” in your life? Our Become the Fire notebook comes lined or unlined! Coffee or tea drinker? Our Become the Fire mug is just for you!

How do you tote your favorite books? We suggest our Become the Fire bookbag!

Stay tuned for more special events surrounding the launch of the book. Can't wait to connect with more of you. Sign up on the book's website and my author website so you don't miss a single thing!

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I can’t wait!! So excited for you. This book is what we need more of: empowered women empowering women!
Nicole DeAvilla
So excited for your launch Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds ! I love the powerful message of your book. I hope to be able to be with you for the live launch tomorrow! xo
Elisa Schmitz
So wonderful! I can't wait to see you there, Ann Marie Patitucci and Nicole DeAvilla . Note that we have a new Zoom link: zoom.us/j/93309535265 See you there!!
Toni B
It was great to see you! Sounds like a fabulous, inspirational book.
If we won a prize, how do we claim it?
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for the kind words, Toni B , and for joining us at the launch event! Congratulations on winning a prize. Donna John is reaching out to all the winners, but just in case she doesn't have your current email, please reach out to her: donna @ 30seconds. Thank you!
Meredith Schneider
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds so excited and happy for you! I can’t wait to dive into your book! Sorry I couldn’t make the zoom ☹️ Mom taxi in full force. 6th grader gets out of school at 4:05 and then had a sisterhood event. Love you! xoxox 😘
Elisa Schmitz
No worries, we totally get the "busy!" Many thanks for your kind words, Meredith Schneider . We so appreciate your kind support and that you've been part of our community for so long. Love you and can't wait to hear what you think of "Become the Fire!"

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