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The Best Sweets for a Kid's Birthday Party: Fun Candy & Treat Options for Children's Birthday Parties

Hosting a child's birthday party with a big guest list can be stressful. Keeping an eye on lots of children at once, as well as making sure that everyone is having a good time, can be hard work.

Some children also can be notoriously picky eaters, so it may be hard to provide food that everyone will enjoy. One solution is to have a selection of sweets and treats for the little ones to snack on throughout the party.

Types of Sweets to Consider for a Kid's Birthday Party

First things first, you do not want to have any hard candies at a children's birthday party because they could pose a choking hazard. Instead, plan to keep all the sweets soft so they are safer for children. Chocolate and chewier sweets may be better options.


With 35,000 tons of chocolate being sold in the U.K. in 2019 and Americans consuming 2.8 billions pounds of chocolate each year, chocolate tends to be a good choice for kids and adults. There are various chocolate brands available in the U.K., such as Cadbury's, Galaxy and Nestle. Having some small chocolate bars or bite-sized treats like Maltesers, Minstrels or chocolate buttons is a delicious way to keep children satisfied throughout the party.

Chewy Sweets

Who loves the Haribo sweets found in the U.K.? Many people would raise their hands. Haribo candies are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide! These sweet treats are the perfect addition to have on a buffet table at a kid's birthday party. There are so many different types of Haribo sweets, so it may be a good idea to buy a variety of large tubs to ensure that there are flavors to suit everyone's palate.

You can buy large tubs of Haribo sweets for low prices online, which tend to be a better value for your money than the smaller packets you see in supermarkets.

Sweets like Skittles, Jelly Babies and jelly beans are all child-friendly treats that are fun to have at a kid's birthday party. They are small, chewy and may not pose as high a risk for choking. But always be sure to supervise small children when they are eating any type of food.

Other Foods and Drinks

If you are hosting a children's birthday party, it may be important to have more substantial food available for your guests, especially if the party is around lunch or dinner time. Lots of young children running around full of nothing but sugar could be a recipe for disaster.

Finger foods are usually kid-friendly and will help fill up those bellies. Some popular choices for children's parties include pizzachicken nuggets and sandwiches.

It's also a good idea to have a variety of drinks available. Fizzy drinks may be fun, but try to monitor how much each child is drinking and have water available to the kids during the party. It is particularly important to keep children hydrated if the party is outside on a hot day, or if vigorous activities are taking place such as party games or playing in a bouncy house.

Having a variety of sweets and treats available at a child's birthday party is one way to help ensure that all the guests are satisfied and have something to eat. However, it is still important to provide more substantial food options, too, to ensure that all guests are well fed. And be sure to provide water to your guests so they stay hydrated during all party activities!

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Elisa Schmitz
Hosting a kid's birthday party can definitely be stressful. But with the right food and treats, it can be an absolute blast. Thanks for the creative ideas to make hosting easier!
I love Haribo! Gimme those gummies, LOL.
I’m actually planning a child’s b-day party and kind of stressed about it, especially in the Covid era. Thankfully it’ll be outside so hopefully no issues. And yes, plenty of sweets will be served! 🎂🍭
Donna John
My grandson loves Haribo candy and will be 9 on July 6th. Going to order him a big bucket. What a great idea.
Chocolate is king (and queen) 👑

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