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2 years ago

Floral Decorating Ideas for Parties: Unique Ways to Decorate Your Anniversary Party With Flowers & Bouquets

Forever is but a moment when you spend it with someone you love. With every passing second, you may fall more in love with that special someone. Love that endures should be celebrated, and that is why your anniversary is an occasion you should cherish. It is a reminder of your journey as a couple, your present relationship, as well as hope for the future with the person you have chosen to live your life with.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of married people who reach their 25th anniversary is 33 percent, and that falls to 20 percent for 35th anniversaries and 5 percent for 50th anniversaries. That's why every anniversary – even the first – is worth celebrating! What better way to celebrate anniversaries with family and friends than with a party – and what is an anniversary party without flowers and bouquets? It's a powerful way to demonstrate your love and commitment to each other.

Here are some ways you can decorate your anniversary party with flowers and bouquets to create an atmosphere that projects love and unity:

1. Flower Centerpieces

Flower centerpieces are an amazing way to bring your tables to life at your anniversary party. Choose a bouquet that not only blends with the theme of the party, but also with the color pattern. You want to leave your guests feeling comfortable and relaxed.

The right arrangements of flowers can give that calming effect. You don't have to use the same arrangement at every table. The idea is to be unique. You can pick a different bouquet for each table and place a card with a quote about love in front of the centerpiece. Be careful not to order anniversary flowers and bouquets that will prevent your guests from seeing each other when used as centerpieces.

2. Petals on the Walkway

Think of the time you walked down the aisle; the day you agreed to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Picture how flowers added a touch of beauty to that moment. Create that same effect for the guests at your anniversary party by placing petals on the walkway into the venue. Create that special atmosphere even before they take their seats or get to their tables.

Make sure the petals are evenly spaced. If you are using a carpet, then pick flowers that will not get lost in the carpet but will contrast enough to see them. If your carpet is a darker shade, your flower petals should be brightly colored and vice versa.

3. Ceiling Covered With Flowers

Gardens can be magical, especially when flowers are in full bloom. But who says gardens should always be on the ground level? With the right flowers, you can create a garden right on your ceiling, called a hanging garden. A ceiling decorated with flowers will amaze your guests.

You do not have to cover the entire ceiling, only parts that hold significant value during your anniversary parties, such as above the dancing floor or over the dining tables. To make it more dazzling, create a flower covering around a crystal chandelier. The chandelier should not be completely covered with flowers, as it should have its own spotlight.

4. Flower Chandeliers 

It is normal to see chandeliers at ceremonies such as weddings and anniversary parties. However, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, then consider getting a flower chandelier. Hang flowers that grow downwards to give a beautiful, cascading, chandelier effect.

Be sure to check with your florist that the flowers have been sprayed with insecticides if you are placing the chandeliers over the dining tables. The last thing you want are insects falling on your guests from the flower chandeliers.

5. Flower Arches

If you are planning to renew your vows during your anniversary party, then you should consider getting a stunning flower arch. Apart from adding to the decorations, an arch may remind you of when you said "I do" to the love of your life. Depending on how it is designed, a flower arch can be the highlight of your party.

You don't have to stick to just one type of flower or color. Let your imagination run wild as long as the flowers or colors work together effectively. Create a beautiful vine with your favorite colors, and feel free to add string lights if your anniversary party will be in the evening.

6. Floral Signs

Welcoming guests to your party with your name or initials is a wonderful idea. Instead of printing your initials on a cloth or banner at the entrance, you can create a floral monogram. You can ask your florist to copy the design on the invitation cards or program outline, if there is one.

The floral sign should be large enough for your guests to see and should be clear enough that they can make out your initials. Consider having it in a color that stands out so that it can be seen from a distance.

Your anniversary party is one of the memories you may cherish for the rest of your life – it is a time to celebrate your partner and your relationship. Every aspect of the party should be memorable and, with the right floral decorations, you can transform any space into the perfect venue.

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Elisa Schmitz
Marking milestones is so important, especially when it comes to anniversaries. So true that every one of them should be cherished and celebrated. I love these ideas for incorporating flowers, as they make everything more special. Many thanks for the inspiration (our wedding anniversary is next month)!
What's an anniversary without a bouquet? What's a party without flowers? You just have to have them!
I always have flowers in my home, anniversaries or special occasions or weekends, etc. 🌹
Yes to all the flowers 🌺🌼🌸

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