Trump COVID-19 Positive: What You Should Consider When Thinking About the President's Test Result in Regards to Election 2020 by Lauren Carrier Horton

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3 years ago

Trump COVID-19 Positive: What You Should Consider When Thinking About the President's Test Result in Regards to Election 2020

First, regardless of what one thinks of our Commander-in-Chief, we should not wish anyone harm, death or family tragedy. That said, from someone who worked on campaigns and in political communications offices for years, this current situation of the President's health crisis is a media and public relations nightmare. In those fields, you know what topics you want to talk about and those you will do all you can to stay away from. You leverage, plan, strategize, spin and control what you can for what the story is you want told to the public. 

COVID-19 is not a subject the Trump campaign likes to focus on. Talking about radical left Democrats, Antifa, riots and looting are choice topics for the campaign these days. But COVID is not one. Yet, now Americans must be reminded of the reality of COVID as it hits the highest office in the land, and see how the economy, a topic Trump and the campaign enjoy highlighting and discussing, will come in a different narrative among the pubic, as we see the market respond reactively in volatile ways due to his positive test result.

This is not the topic nor story Trump's team wants discussed or told. It highlights his failures from the beginning in handling this pandemic. It reminds us of his discrediting the virus and saying it would go away magically, and reminds us to his disregard to science. Trump's positive test results has us call to mind the many times he discredited those in fields who have worked and studied science, medicine and public health for years, many in his own office. 

Furthermore, with COVID and quarantine Trump cannot hold his campaign rallies, which is how he praises himself and communicates to his base in the best way he can. Rallies are what he wanted to do for months, and was happy and excited to be able to back on campaign trail doing the last several weeks. This COVID-19 positive result reminds the American public of the ways he did not follow health recommendations and state plans enacted by governors in places he held these large gatherings. 

There are those saying he wants to do the debates from the White House. But again, from a public relations point, this again would be a negative environment for their team. This setting would just remind the American people that he cannot be on a stage debating his opponent because he tested positively for COVID. Setting up a camera and mic in the Oval Office without Biden would be horrible for the Trump campaign. It is bad enough that we are reminded during the political conventions this summer and the presidential debate last week, that this is not a normal election process, but a quarantined from the White House broadcast for a debate would be awful for his campaign. 

This positive test is not good for Trump and his campaign. It is also obviously not good for his own health, nor his family’s health, nor those that work closely with him in the Oval Office and on the campaign trail. 

In no way would an informed and expert campaign team want this test result at any time, but especially this close to an election, no matter how good you are at spinning stories. 

There will always be those with conspiracy theories on all subject matters, and even today, this particular story. But let us s also just look at logic, and try to be wise and discerning rather than grasping at straws. We have had enough of that of late.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is an unimaginable situation, and I think you stated this very well, Lauren Carrier Horton . With so many strong opinions on both sides, we need to take a deep breath. Thank you for sharing your perspective. It is always very helpful during these challenging times!
You just can’t write this stuff, wow.
Mike Prochaska
Yeah no way he faking it. He might fake how fast he recovers though?
Mike Prochaska
So what do you think is he faking his recovery because he don’t want the world to know it worst then it is. Or has he recovered? If he recovered should share with the rest of world so they can recover. I think he portending he recovered it makes for a better show.

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