We Have Legacies to Uphold: Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Today to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) by Lauren Carrier Horton

We Have Legacies to Uphold: Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Today to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG)

What do we do right now with Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) gone and 40 plus days until the 2020 election? Here's some tangible, real-time actions for us:

First, before my four action points below, we absolutely grieve and cry and mourn the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her life was so needed, and we grieve because we know how needed she is still now. But, in her legacy and in the legacy of other greats we lost this year like the civil rights icon and U.S. Representative John Lewis, civil rights champion and pastor C. T. Vivian and the beloved actor and director Chadwick Boseman, we fight. We work and we get into activity for what matters, for those that matter.

So here are ways you can continue the work of RBG and other greats today. I encourage you: do something. Consider doing at least one of these things today and each day up to the election. Exercise that voice you have, it matters.

1. Call your U.S. Senator

Ask them how they will vote during the confirmation of whatever judge Trump selects, and put the pressure on them. You are their constituent. Get the number, google it, and call. Call their D.C. office and local offices.

2. Call Mitch McConnell's Office

Ask Senator McConnell why he will move forward the process in 2020 when in 2016 he held the process of SCOTUS appointment until a new president was elected. Put the pressure on him. Here is the D.C. number and some of his Kentucky numbers: (202) 224-2541, (502) 582-6304, (859) 224-8286 and (859) 578-0188.

3. Help Flip the Senate

Know the Senate seats up for possible flip this election. Four or five seats, that's it. That's what it's down to.

Identify states they are in – do you live in that state? Are you an undecided voter? Then, for those of us that want to see the seat flipped, DONATE. Even donating $5 makes a difference. I have donated $5 to several campaigns repeatedly for months. It makes a difference. If you can't swing $5 can you phone or text bank for their campaigns? They need help!

Here are several races that absolutely would make the difference if the seats are flipped. (Also, the Senate confirms the president's appointee, the Senate Majority Leader moves the process along – this is why this matters.)

  • Kentucky: Amy McGrath running against Senator McConnell
  • North Carolina: Cal Cunningham running against one-term incumbent Senator Thom Tillis
  • Maine: Sara Gideon running against Senator Susan Collins
  • Arizona: Mark Kelly running against Senator Martha McSally
  • South Carolina: Jamie Harrison running against Senator Lindsay Graham

There are several other very contestable Senate seats in contention: Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Montana and Iowa to name a few.

4. Vote for President

And make your selection between the two options we have on November 3. Don't write in, friends. This is not the election to do so, especially if you are in a battleground state. Vote as if your kids and grandkids future experience living in this country depends on it, because it does.

We have work to do – and legacies to uphold.

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Elisa Schmitz
Such a powerful post, Lauren Carrier Horton . Taking action feels better than staying in mourning. Thank you for these very helpful ideas so we can make a difference and continue to very important work of RBG, and the other greats we have lost. So appreciate all you share with us.
Lauren Carrier Horton
thank you! and thank you for the prompt to share it!
Vote vote vote!! 🙏
Lauren Carrier Horton
thank you for reading and taking the time to comment

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