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2 years ago

Guide to the Perfect Wedding: ​10 Wedding-Planning Tips to Make Life Easier for the Happy Couple

For the bride who wants to have the wedding of her dreams, certain wedding-planning tips are essential. With more than 2.1 million weddings in 2019, that's a lot of wedding planning. Perfect weddings do not just sprout like beans. Weddings take a lot of energy, preparation and timely execution – from wedding help of friends and family to ideas on how to plan the perfect wedding, budget management and so on.

Here's a list of wedding tips and tricks you might miss or might not have the time to think about. While you may assume you have everything under control, it may surprise you how the right bride box, or the littlest tip, can turn everything around. So, check out this expert wedding-planner advice:

1. Educate Yourself on Marriage Licenses: There is a first time for everything, and if you don’t know all there is to know about getting a marriage license, the time is now. You could check the license requirements for your state online, however, it's also a good idea to call the office of the country clerk, know their opening times and the times that they issue marriage licenses. After getting the license, be sure to make a copy and keep it with a close family member, just in case. This is one wedding planning tip that could help keep a lot of potential stress at bay.

2. The Bridal Box: Get a bridal box subscription. This is without a doubt a top wedding-planning tip for brides. The bridal box not only provides you with luxury gifts throughout the wedding-planning process, but they are also with you every step of the way, providing you with wedding merchandise, décor and planning items to make life easier. These gifts not only pamper you, they give you a breather during the stressful period of wedding planning.

3. Guests Come First: You cannot create a budget or even a wedding if you haven’t considered your guests. Your number of guests determine the budget to a large degree, the size of venue, the hotel reservations, entertainment and more. So, in your wedding preparations, your guests are top priority. If you need to trim the wedding budget, then you need to look in the direction of your guests and prioritize who you will be inviting. Cutting out a single table of guests can save you a good amount of money.

4. Consider the Weather: Weather is key in any event planning, and you do not want to be unprepared. Almost 50 percent of fall ceremonies take place outdoors, so if you're having a cool or cold-weather month wedding, be sure to have a heated location. If it’s going to be sunny during an outdoor reception, get a tent. Also consider pest control if flies, mosquitoes or gnats might be a problem. In all of the tips on how to prepare for a wedding, the weather is one that you do not want to ignore.

5. Credit Can Be Important: Among wedding tips for brides, one that can be really useful, especially if you are on a budget, is credit. Considering how expensive a wedding can be, it is a good time to get a credit card that comes along with a rewards program. These reward points you will accumulate while you spend can be used toward shopping deals, airline miles or even your honeymoon. So, spend smart.

6. Lean on Referrals: One good vendor can be your link to all the other vendors that you need for your event, so lean on their referrals. Most of the time they have worked with these people before and are in sync with them, so if these are vendors you trust, it would be good to listen to their advice. While heeding their words, be sure to check reviews of other clients they might have worked with.

7. Better to Under Budget: While it might be tempting to over budget, one of the great wedding tips for bride and groom is to under budget instead. You need to have a cushion in case of uncertainties, also for the future. So, allocate some of your money to miscellaneous expenses or surprise occurrences. This will help you keep any negative surprises in check.

8. Consider the Kids: For kids at an event, you could either arrange a child service to keep them organized, allow the guests decide how to manage their individual kids or have an adult-only wedding. The choice is yours, however, a vital wedding-day tip would be to decide on this early.

9. Give Clear Driving Directions: Remember to provide your guests with clear directions to the location of the wedding. Check out the map program or app you decide to use ahead of time to ensure that it gives the right directions.

10. Have an Emergency Contact: Provide an emergency contact number to your vendors so they have someone to call in case of any uncertainties or emergencies. In wedding-event planning, this single action can save you a lot of headache.

Many different aspects need to come together to make your dream wedding a realization. With these wedding-planning tips, you can ensure that you leave nothing out. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Great wedding planning tips here. I wish bride boxes had been available back in the day. What a great service to inspire and support brides. Happy weddings, for sure!
Couldn’t agree more about the weather. Especially now, when many more weddings are being held outside for health reasons. Great suggestion! ☁️
Weddings are even tougher to pull off these days. Helpful ideas here.
Getting married is so expensive. Great tip to get credit lined up in advance to help. You can't count on monetary gifts anymore to pay the bills!
Donna John
I planned my entire wedding by myself. Well, until I found an amazing florist who did more than I ever anticipated. Great tips here.

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