No-Kids-Allowed Weddings: 3 Steps to Help Engaged Couples Pull Off an Adults-Only Wedding by Tori Ulrich

3 years ago
No-Kids-Allowed Weddings: 3 Steps to Help Engaged Couples Pull Off an Adults-Only Wedding

You want an adults-only wedding, but are you afraid to tell your friends with kids? This can be a tricky, sticky, icky conversation to have, especially when it's family. You don't want kids at your big party (and don't want to pay for $35 chicken fingers), but your friend/bridal party/random cousin has a kid and you know they are going to beg you to let them come. I'm here to tell you that you do not need to say yes.

It could be hard, their feelings may get hurt and they may threaten not to come at all, but you have to remember that this is your day and your rules and once you say yes to one kid, that “yes” news is going to spread and you could end up with an entire kiddapalooza on your dance floor. What do you do?

  • First, get that kid-free info out on your save-the-dates and your website so there is no confusion or “Oh, but I didn't know?!” when they walk into the reception with a screaming babe. 
  • Next, offer a solution! “Kid-free wedding but we found __ option for you!” Ask your hotel for a recommendation, ask a friend with kids about their sitter(s) or look for a service that will handle the logistics for you. 
  • Finally, don't waver (or feel badly) on this once you decide. It may inconvenience/annoy some of your guests, but it's your wedding and your party. Period.

How do you feel about adults-only weddings?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Totally agree, Tori Ulrich ! It's your day, as bride and groom, and kids do have a way of stealing the show and needing lots of attention. We love them, but sometimes, we need adults only. I love your suggestions, spot on!
Renee Herren
I just saw a post about this in a local mom group! Definitely a hot topic and I can understand both sides. I love that you say to NOT feel guilty! When it comes down to it- The bride and groom should have the final say and their wishes should be respected. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your children you can always decline the invite and send your congratulations!
Tori Ulrich
I have found that the most 'hot topic' part happens because so frequently the B&G say no kids, but don't help to provide any solutions - especially for the guests that need to travel. They need to provide a sitter, provide an alternate activity, or not throw a stink if people DO decline the invite. I think everyone needs to bring more understanding of the other, to this conversation.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great points here, Tori Ulrich ! I am always Team Bride & Groom and Team Pregnant Mama- people always seem to have so much to say when it comes to weddings and babies!!
Mike Prochaska
Leave kids with grandma and enjoy night out
Mike Prochaska
Or call me to babysit.. adorable rates

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