Bird Watching: How My Husband & I Found Joy Watching Birds (Plus 80 Best-selling Supplies & Must-have Accessories) by Elisa Schmitz

2 years ago

Bird Watching: How My Husband & I Found Joy Watching Birds (Plus 80 Best-selling Supplies & Must-have Accessories)

During tough times, it's easy to give in to sadness. That's why it's more important than ever to find joy. My husband, Dieter, and I have recently taken up bird-watching. We ordered and installed a squirrel- and chipmunk-proof bird-feeding station (that I affectionately call "Dieter's Diner"), and word is spreading quickly among our fine feathered friends. We have blue jays, cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, doves, sparrows, chickadees, robins and the occasional hawk or turkey buzzard. The most exciting moment in our backyard recently was seeing a couple of hummingbirds!

A female (at the left feeder) and male (at the right feeder) pair of cardinals stop in for dinner at "Dieter's Diner."

Bird-watching is calming and exciting all at once. There's a sense of tranquility when watching the birds fly in, check out the goods, have a meal and then fly away. There's a sense of excitement when you see a new bird (there's a yellow one that flew in recently, and we're using a bird guide book to figure out what it was), and watching the birds jostle for position. There's a bluebird that continually asserts his dominance and shoos away the other birds when he wants to feed. Who knew birds could be bullies?! 

Whether you're a seasoned bird watcher or are new to the hobby, this comprehensive list of 80 bird-watching accessories (that includes our recommendations) will help you get the most out of watching your feathered friends. If it's not on this list, you probably don't need it! 

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Julie Rose
What a great idea for a hobby! 🦅
Elisa Schmitz
Yaaas! Dieter Schmitz has gotten us both into this amazing new hobby and we are loving it. Thank you for this handy list. We will be referring to it often!
Dieter Schmitz
I love bird watching with Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds She’s my nest mate for life!!
Elisa Schmitz
Lucky me! Check out the photo of "Dieter's Diner" in action! :-) Dieter Schmitz Donna John
Donna John
Love it! I'll have to get a photo of my diner. :-)

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