Nature Photography: How to Capture the Outdoors for One-of-a-Kind Home Decorating by Donna John

5 years ago
Nature Photography: How to Capture the Outdoors for One-of-a-Kind Home Decorating

Nature has a way of putting a smile on your face. The next time you head outdoors, grab your camera. Leave your worries inside and snap away at the beauty around you. A grasshopper clinging to a leaf. A butterfly drinking from a flower. An intricately woven spider’s web. An old tree that’s been on the earth longer than you have. The wonder of a nest of baby birds in a rose bush. 

Frame your favorites and bring the outside in. If your photos need a little boost, go online and find a website where you can enhance the color and crop, if necessary. I guarantee the images you capture will surprise you – and add to your home decor!

Note: The photo of the birds was taken in my rose bush, and is on my photo wall in the bedroom. One of my all-time favorites. 

Share your photos below!

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Laura Allen-Davis
I love this! I call it "looking at the world around you, with new eyes".
Donna John
Yes!! I have a whole wall of photos I've taken while looking at the world around me. :-) Laura Allen-Davis
Pajaros Canarios
The bird that sings the best is the Spanish stamped canary

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