Post and Paint: Supporting Artists, Nonprofits & a Creative Way to Decorate Your Home by Robin Kocina

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2 years ago
Post and Paint: Supporting Artists, Nonprofits & a Creative Way to Decorate Your Home

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. I felt badly for the many artists who abruptly lost their sales venues, as my husband, Lonny, is an artist as well as my business partner. As a nonprofit board member, I am also keenly aware that charitable organizations around the world are pleading for funds. Meanwhile, I’ve observed that Americans have become more focused on home and making memories with family, a trend I want to nurture and support. 

Giving back is in my DNA. But these are three seemingly very divergent audiences affected by the pandemic. How could I possibly help? I always loved Lonny’s idea of, a website to make custom fine art more accessible to homeowners. But we were so busy running our business that we didn’t have time to manage the site. Now that we’re in our 60s, we decided to resurrect the idea and donate the proceeds to nonprofits.

The Post and Paint idea is simple: 

1. Consumers post a photo of something dear to them. The person will also designate the size, shape and preferred medium of the finished artwork, as well as their preferred price range. There is a $10 per photo donation to post a photo, which is the only time they are required to spend money at the site. One hundred percent of these donations are given to a nonprofit organization. 

Currently, it is Hands of Freedom, a group saving impoverished women and children in India. Hands of Freedom deployed pastor Jon told me, “We are very excited about the partnership as this will enable us at Hands of Freedom to expand our outreach to impoverished families in India and help lead them towards a new God-given destiny out of poverty.”

2. Artists create a painting based on the photo. Artists peruse the uploaded photos and paint the ones that most interest them. They upload a photo of the finished art and set the price.

3. Consumers can buy the painting. If they like how it turned out, and they are good with the price, they can have a custom piece of artwork for their home that means something to them. If the consumer decides not to buy the finished artwork, the artist is free to sell it to another customer.

This Is Truly Fine Art, Not Just Transferring a Photo to a New Medium

Post and Paint is customized fine art, not just computer design and alterations. This is an opportunity for people to own artwork that might otherwise have been out of reach to them, such as having a favorite outdoor photo painted by wildlife and nature painter Keith Grove. A veteran of several one-man shows as well as numerous juried shows, Grove has sold prints of his work nationally.

Keith wrote to me, “In these hard times, having the opportunity to do some artwork means a lot to me. My final work is all traditional paint and brushes.” He acknowledged that the computer revolution has made it tough for traditional artists to survive in the industry, and is grateful to Post and Paint for providing a venue for traditional artwork.

“This website is the first time a traditionalist like myself had a venue for my work again. I definitely encourage other artists to support Post and Paint. I just hope there are many others who still know how to step back from their computers and use real paint as well,” he wrote.

Support for Small Business Is Enjoying a Resurgence

These days, it’s easy to get lost in the digital world. But more people also value the contributions that small businesses make to our economy and way of life. I am determined to help that sector survive. Our appreciation of the time and creative talent it takes to produce a beautiful piece of art is something we don’t want to lose.

Favorite photos and cherished memories deserve to be preserved as fine art. It doesn’t always have to be a huge painting hanging over your mantle. A smaller piece, hung where you see and admire it every day, may be exactly what you need. 

To upload a photo or register as an artist, visit

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Donna John
What a fantastic idea!!! I wish I had known about this last year when I had a photo painted for my mom for her birthday from a photo of my grandparent's house. Will definitely be looking through my photos again now. So many people need support right now, thank you for thinking of the artists, Robin Kocina , and welcome to 30Seconds!
What a gift to freelance artists and their potential customers! 🎨
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I have two daughters who are artists, and I would love for them to try this. I will be their first customer, haha! Thank you for sharing this, Robin Kocina . Welcome to 30Seconds. We look forward to learning more from you!

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