Surviving Your Relationship in Covid-19 Confinement: 4 Ways to Help Make Quarantine More Bearable (and Maybe Reignite a Spark) by Annmarie Kelly

4 years ago

Surviving Your Relationship in Covid-19 Confinement: 4 Ways to Help Make Quarantine More Bearable (and Maybe Reignite a Spark)

Is all this closeness with your sweetie because of coronavirus getting on your nerves? You aren't alone! It isn't easy to be with anybody 24/7. We love our space – and right now we don't have it. We're getting in each other's way, having stupid quarrels and even noticing things we never noticed before – and now they seem larger than life. How did that happen?

Remember at the beginning when you hated being apart? What was different? Here are four ideas for making this time bearable. Start now – today – and who knows, you might reignite an old spark or two:

  • Be polite like you were in the beginning, when you remembered to say “please,” thank you,” excuse me." A little politeness can go a long way to easing tensions.
  • Say thank you. Everyone likes appreciation and, in confinement, it’s usually in short supply. Thank you’re sweetie today at least three times today. See what happens.
  • Give each other some “me” time. A little alone time is good for both of you
  • Plan a private rendezvous by candlelight, even if it’s just you two alone in the bedroom on the patio or (if it’s the only way to get away from kids) in the basement. Have nice conversation. Talk about some of your best times together. Stirring up those good memories can lead to sweetness, and maybe some good “sexual healing.”

Covid confinement won't last forever. When it's over, you can set some time aside to give your relationship a "reset" – and a fresh start. For now, let these small but powerful tips pave the way for better days ahead.

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Wonderful suggestions, thanks. ❤️
Elisa Schmitz
Great ideas, Annmarie Kelly ! We can't lose sight of the love during these trying times. Really appreciate you sharing. Welcome to 30Seconds. We're excited to learn more from you!
Annmarie Kelly
Thanks! Will post again this week. This is a hard time for everyone.

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