Hi! I’m Annmarie Kelly and I show women (like you) - and the men who love them - how to have their best marriage. It's different than anything else and it's empowering...especially for women.

I've been married seven times. Yes, seven! Each marriage has been to the same man, but for just five years. It's a radical approach, yes. And it's clearly NOT your mother's marriage. Still, I wouldn't want it any other way.

I feel that each marriage has enabled me to maintain my independence and grow more and more into my best self. My spouse, Joseph, feels the same. And, over time, our partnership has grown closer and more intimate.

I'll bet that's what you want too - and I can help you get it!

Btw: I’m the woman behind the Victorious Woman Project and The Five-Year Marriage®. I focus on women living their best and most empowered lives.

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