Ways to Teach Kids Colors: How a Homeschooling Lunch Break Turned Into More Learning by Tiffany Zook

2 years ago

Ways to Teach Kids Colors: How a Homeschooling Lunch Break Turned Into More Learning

My family runs on yogurt, any kind of brand. One day, we had a new brainstorm.

At lunchtime, we broke out some vanilla yogurt and added in a few M&Ms. Not just any M would do, though. My kindergartener took only a few yellow and red, and gave it a quick mix to create orange.

"What happens if we only mix yellow with blue?" Voila! Green!

I thought we were taking a lunch break from homeschooling, but instead, lunch was turning into an art lesson.

But don't stop at M&Ms! Frozen blueberries will make the yogurt turn purple. Frozen strawberries magically make pink. Let your child's imagination and creativity come up with all kinds of colorful ideas. 

What are you mixing up in the kitchen?

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What a sweet idea!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love your creativity, Tiffany Zook ! So fun and learning at mealtime is always a bonus. Thanks for sharing this idea!

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