Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Crisis Doesn't Have to Be Perfect: Navigating Education During a Pandemic by Kandice Cole

Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Crisis Doesn't Have to Be Perfect: Navigating Education During a Pandemic

I've seen a lot of posts from frustrated friends of mine who are responsible for educating their children at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a friendly reminder that your kids don't need to be "doing school" all day. With a smaller group of kids, it takes far less time for them to learn and do work compared to being in a larger classroom for the entire day.

Don't put pressure on yourself to be a perfect teacher. We are going through something unprecedented with this pandemic, so imperfection is expected. Your child might be behind when they start school next year. If that happens, you will figure it out and get through it.

Keep breathing and allow your child to be.

  • Let them play. 
  • Let them watch TV. 
  • Let them cook. 
  • Let them sleep. 
  • Let them color. 
  • Let them wander around. 
  • Let them explore. 

Allow the same for yourself, too.

One last thing. Remember that learning can happen all of the time, so allow for more creativity and flexibility as you and your child navigate schooling during this time.

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Great advice. 🙏
So true, many natural ways for learning to occur!
Elisa Schmitz
"Don't put pressure on yourself to be a perfect teacher." YES. Parents already put so much pressure on themselves and this just adds to that. Deep breaths, my friends. Thank you for this great post, Kandice Cole . You always inspire. Stay well! xoxo
Mike Prochaska
Amen. The first few weeks where hell. Now I figured it out enough that they can at least get some of it done. For me I Hate the techogu of e Learning. Whatever happened to just reading a real book then writing a book report or something. I hate all the apps. Sometimes I cheat and let them turn the app on while we do something else beduase it the same shit every day there no real learning going on that way. He learns more on our walks on the beach
Marge Jesberger
Good advice if you see something they're interested in then you can find more on that subject to motivate them
Julio Caro
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