Health-Care Workers Are the Superheroes of Our Time: A Tribute to Those on the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Pandemic by Kathy Ast

In this time of crisis and uncertainty, people around the country and the world have been ordered to stay in their homes to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). “Essential” workers, however, cannot stay home. 

Suddenly, grocery store clerks, postal workers, pharmacists and pharmacy techs, food and other delivery workers, people who stock shelves, first responders, mass transit and airport workers, security service staff, food, water and agricultural workers, energy sector employees, child-care workers, building cleaners and janitors, trash collectors, warehouse workers, and the entire gamut of health-care workers are the heroes who keep working to take care of those who must stay at home. They’re risking their health to keep the world going, while schools, conferences, shows, festivals and sporting events have all been canceled.

The wonderful thing about this unusual and scary time is the way I’ve seen strangers and loved ones come together to get through this. I’ve been invited and joined Facebook groups like Heart Hunters (encouraging putting hearts on doors and windows to show love to those passing by) and Go Outside and Howl at 8pm (self-explanatory). I’ve discovered videos like Pluto Living’s hilarious talking dog, and Mike Kanemura’s IG Live Daily Dance Party to laugh, keep moving and remember I am loved!

What touches me the most, however, is the gratitude I see for essential workers, who I don’t believe have received the praise and thanks they deserve before now. At my work, we created our own video to thank our members, hospice and palliative care physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains, and all other health-care workers, too! I hope you enjoy it.

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So true. God bless you all!
Elisa Schmitz
I love this, Kathy Ast-Kutzbach . Thank you to you and your team for putting it together, and for sharing it with us. Healthcare workers are the real MVPs. Sending positive energy to all of them (and to you)! xoxo
Kathy Ast
Thank you! I finally saw some hearts on windows in Glen Ellyn, IL! Made me smile so big! A lot of people also write the names of healthcare workers they know on the hearts, or different essential services workers. So much love out there! ❤️💝🌻💕💐

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