Alex Trebek's Health: Why My Family Cares So Much About the Jeopardy Game Show Host by Dawn Taylor

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4 months ago
Alex Trebek's Health: Why My Family Cares So Much About the Jeopardy Game Show Host

My family has been following the ongoing cancer battle of Alex Trebek, closely. When we first heard the news, we were sad, but his heroic strength gave us hope that he would recover.

But pancreatic cancer, I knew, was an aggressive one that few survive. I told my teenage daughters this because I wanted to prepare them for what I thought was going to be an unfavorable outcome.

Why do we care so much? Alex Trebek is just a host of a game show, a man we’ve never met. But it’s not that simple. Trebek is in our home regularly. Almost nightly, the show  Jeopardy has been something my daughters and I have watched together. There was a time when they were lucky to get even one question right. But still we watched and bickered about what we know and don’t know.

They are now teens and they often know many more answers than I do. Watching their knowledge of so many subjects grow over the years has been extremely rewarding. When someone claims the answer was on the tip of their tongue, the snarky comments have lessened.

We’ve all come to laugh, and even take risks, while answering without fear of embarrassment – all with the mostly gracious, and sometimes seemingly arrogant host we’ve come to love. His voice soothing as he walks us through the categories and has awkward small talk when getting to know the contestants.

He’s part of our lives, because he’s been there during a time we’ve come to love. Alex Trebek is Jeopardy. He’s become a part of a special time we share as a family. And even through tough times, we could always count on him to be there. And for half an hour we could bond during the show.

Recent news for Alex is not good, and we can see in the newer episodes his health deteriorating and our collective concern is proof that he’s not just a TV host.

He’s a man we’ve come to know and love.

Photo (main): Alex Trebek in the press room at the 46th Daytime Emmy Awards Gala at the Pasadena Civic Center on May 5, 2019, in Pasadena, California.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This makes me so sad. Alex truly has been a fixture in so many of our lives. I'm very touched by this story you shared, Dawn Taylor , of bonding with your kids while watching "Jeopardy." How very special for all of you. Keeping this amazing man in my prayers!
Dawn Taylor
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds it’s heartbreaking. We all think there can’t be Jeopardy without him. He’s one of a kind.
This is so sad. 😞
Dawn Taylor
It breaks my heart to be losing the man and the memories :(

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