When Your Kids Outgrow Halloween: Parents, Here's How to Keep It Fun by Dawn Taylor

2 years ago
When Your Kids Outgrow Halloween: Parents, Here's How to Keep It Fun

Halloween has always been a favorite day for my kids. My girls are now teens and, within the last couple of years, the days of trick-or-treating are over. I've always loved watching them pick out Halloween costumes and witnessing their excitement about getting dressed up and, of course, getting a pillowcase stuffed with candy. What's not to love?

I admit that seeing them grow and outgrow these traditions is kind of sad. Now they still dress up, but it has become attached to a friend's party where the teens hang out, play games and eat. Still, there was something about the Halloweens of those younger years that is special. Probably the fact that I was more involved in their plans, but that's another story...

While I can't take my teens trick-or-treating anymore, I have decided there are a few things I can do to feel connected to them:

  • I still try to give my input on their costumes. And I will do anything I can to help them with things that will enhance their costumes. What Google can't find, I will make. When my daughter couldn't find a croquet mallet for her Heathers costume last year? I made it from wood, toilet paper, duct tape and yellow paint. While it wasn't perfect, it worked for her.
  • I bought a fall-themed candy jar. For the weeks leading up to Halloween, I'm filling it with different Halloween candy so they get their favorite candy fix. OK, I get mine, too. I will miss digging through those piles of candy trying to find Kit Kats.
  • I make sure I am available on Halloween. Those last-minute changes to their costumes, their hair, their makeup, those things are big things to teens. I take pics, I drive them to the party and go home and wait until they call me for the ride home.

And, of course, eat whatever candy is left in the candy jar while reminiscing about Halloweens past.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Right there with you, Dawn Taylor ! Very bittersweet as they move on from traditions like trick-or-treating. That croquet mallet is very impressive. You continue to inspire me! :-)
Dawn Taylor
Thank you- I don't know if it was impressive, but it worked Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
My kids inspire me every day.
All the feels. 💗

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