Bathroom Zen: 7 Ways to Declutter Your Vanity & Bathroom Counter by Barbara Brock

4 years ago

Bathroom Zen: 7 Ways to Declutter Your Vanity & Bathroom Counter

Have your number of lotions, perfumes, cosmetics taken over your vanity or bathroom counter? The quantity of products on display are in the eye of the beholder, amount of space, how many users, eye appeal and lack of knowledge of "how to edit." Too many items do clutter the brain and you get confused, so I do suggest limiting cosmetics to what you use. Here are some tips for organizing your vanity and bathroom counter:

  • No Mixing of His and Hers: Just as two people should have separate closets or designated spaces.
  • Clean It Up: Keeping a clean counter speaks to the soul and is calming. While cleaning, wipe the bottles and jars.
  • Avoid Items That Don’t Belong: Dirt, scattered items, coffee cups (or other drinking glasses) all make this beauty and personal care area look cluttered. Be sure to remove these items daily.
  • Freshen Up Look of Vanity: My No. 1 rule is to clean the counter. Have a photograph of a loved one in a frame who makes you smile. Bring in fragrant flowers.
  • Best Way to Declutter: Edit your existing makeup. Separate cosmetics in like kind. Remove “older products,” “very little left” products and “too many of the same kind of products.” Set out all of your container items. Replace the edited cosmetic items into containers. Doing this twice a year will improve your mood.

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Elisa Schmitz
Oooh, how did you know I needed these tips? My beauty counter is a mess, LOL. Thank you for the tips, Barbara Brock ! :-)
Dawn Taylor
My teens and I use pre-moistened face wipes and I have taught them to wipe the sink and counter with them when they are done cleaning their faces :) Otherwise the goop builds up over time. Just a small tip but helps.

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