Kids Outgrowing Their Clothes Too Fast? Save Money on Children's Clothes With These 3 Thrifty Tips by Amanda Condio

4 years ago

Kids Outgrowing Their Clothes Too Fast? Save Money on Children's Clothes With These 3 Thrifty Tips

The average American spends about $1,800 on clothing a year. But if you’re a parent of fast-growing kids or teens, any budget can seem tighter than that t-shirt. Save cash on your child's clothing with these three money-saving tips:

  • Buy Used: Chances are, your kids won’t care if others have worn their clothes. It’s especially smart to buy used clothes for playing or eating – you won’t have to worry about a spill or stain ruining that pricey name-brand onesie. Check thrift stores, garage sales and online swap groups for the cheapest kids’ clothes money can buy.
  • Buy Out of Season: It can be a tough gamble to buy kids’ clothes in advance. What if they grow a lot in the fall and don’t fit in the clearance winter jacket you want to buy now? When in doubt, go a size larger than you think you need. They’ll be able to wear it a little longer, and you’ll still save money by buying the clothes in the off-season.
  • Seek Unexpected Hand-Me-Downs: Sure, if you have more than one child, hand-me-downs seem like the obvious solution when kids keep outgrowing their clothes. But what if you’ve only got one child? If your little one lacks older siblings, try reaching out to cousins, neighbors or even friends. Your child’s classmate may have an older brother with clothes to spare. You could even start your own clothing swap group with a few friends to help everyone save some cash!

Kids are great, but clothing them can be expensive. Save a few bucks this year by finding cheaper ways to keep your rugrats warm and covered up. With these tips, your budget will be able to handle even the most dramatic growth spurts.

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Elisa Schmitz
Clothing swaps are a great idea. Trading clothes with friends is like getting a new wardrobe all the time. Awesome tips, Amanda Condio !
Tiffany Zook
A clothing swap is also a lot of fun, and free, and leftover clothing goes to local charity thrift shop. Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead remember when Val hosted these at the library?

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