Rumors & Gossip: The Rumor Mill in a Small Town & How It Can Affect You by Jessica Lawrence

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2 years ago
Rumors & Gossip: The Rumor Mill in a Small Town &  How It Can Affect You

When I was 15, I had my first kiss. As luck would have it, that kiss made its rounds in the hockey locker room. Which then spread to school. How did I feel about it? Not great. At all.

So when I made the decision to move back to my hometown, I knew (sadly) that not much has changed. Rumors still fly, and boy, do they spread fast. Last night, a friend told me they had heard a rumor about me. They wouldn't say who or what exactly was said, but that it was discussed.

I'm almost 36, and it still affects me. I'm still sad, hurt and disappointed that people can't mind their own business. I think back to a quote I once heard: 

"Make your words sweet. You may have to eat them someday." 

But, I'm stronger than I was at 16. Rumors are always going to fly, and it's not worth my time to stress out or have it affect my life.

If you hear something about someone, stop the spread. You have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you really know what's going on with him or her. 

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Isn’t that the truth! 👍
Mike Prochaska
Truth! I won’t miss work gossip for the next 3 months.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
"Make your words sweet. You may have to eat them someday." Amen, sister. Jessica Lawrence

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