Single Parenting & Faith: Single Mom & Dad, Who Are You Leaning On? by Francielle Daly

Single Parenting & Faith: Single Mom & Dad, Who Are You Leaning On?

I was once a single mom. My source to making it day by day was myself and my daughter. I did everything that revolved around her and made decisions to make sure I knew I was capable of it all. It was the very thing that I was leaning on – my strength, my capabilities, my accomplishments. However, this way only can take you so far.

What I realized when I was at rock bottom: I knew I was being my own savior, my own rock. I had totally put God to the side and said when I really need you I will tap into you. God truly gets your attention when you are at rock bottom and sometimes when you are on the mountaintop.

At that moment I knew I needed God in every area and every minute of my day. As I learned more about who God was and why I needed him so much, my life shifted, my perspective about being this "strong" single mom changed and I leaned on his strength, his capabilities ( John 3:16 states that God gave his only begotten son so we could have life and live it abundantly). He became my rock. I stopped doing things my way and I leaned into what God wanted me to do for myself and my daughter.

Take some time to reflect on areas in your life. Who or what are you leaning on?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
What a great story, and a great question you pose, Francielle Daly ! "Who or what are you leaning on?" We all need support, someone or something to lean on. Faith keeps me going, for sure. Without family, not sure where I'd be. Thank you for this! xoxo

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