Pursue Your Passions: 3 Steps to Help Reach Your Goals Despite Doubts! by Avital Miller

6 years ago

Pursue Your Passions: 3 Steps to Help Reach Your Goals Despite Doubts!

Do you have an idea you want to manifest and someone telling you it will be hard or impossible? Maybe you doubt your ability to be successful. In grade school I had to have a special tutor for English class. The results to my equivalency exams for math were 99 percent and grammar, 55 percent. Growing up I also had a dream of writing a book. Despite previous weaknesses in writing, I am now launching my first book, "Healing Happens!" Here are three tips to compensate for your challenges and pursue your passions: 

  • Start With Baby Steps: What can you do right away in five minutes? If you want to be a fluent Chinese speaker, have a five-minute conversation with your Chinese co-worker; a world-class chef, cook the next meal for your family. 
  • Get Support: Choose an accountability partner who will encourage you and keep you on track. Get training in the areas you feel weaker or bring someone else on your team who has those strengths. That's what editors are for when writing a book!
  • Imagine Going Through the Finish Line: Embody the feelings right now that you expect to have once you accomplish your goals. It will make you feel better and increase the law of attraction.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Elisa Schmitz
So inspiring, Avital Miller ! Congrats on your success. You are amazing!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Congrats on your book, Avital Miller ! From one author to another, I know how exciting this is and how very hard you worked to make it happen. I'm thrilled for you!
Nicole DeAvilla
Congratulations on being a first time author AND Bestseller Avital Miller ! It was so fun last night to read my chapter where you interviewed me. Lots of other great stories in your book too - including your own Healing Happens story.
Avital Miller
Thank you Nicole DeAvilla! Glad you enjoyed reading it. Your groundedness and clarity added great balance to the book.
Wow! Congratulations on your book! Thank you for writing this great tip also! We can overcome challenges when we focus on what we CAN do!
Avital Miller
Yes! Thank you @ReneeHerren.

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