School Shootings & Kids' Fears: Why Parents Need to Listen to Their Children’s Worries by Holly Budde

School Shootings & Kids' Fears: Why Parents Need to Listen to Their Children’s Worries

Both of my girls came home from school yesterday visibly shaken by the horrific school shooting in Florida. My oldest is in high school, and she was upset and empathetic. My youngest, scared.

The mom in me at first panicked. I thought, "I have to do something to reassure them!" Processing those thoughts and emotions, I realized I cannot make this one go away by myself. So I hugged them and opened the conversation to become whatever they needed to say. They expressed to me that I cannot protect them at school. That not only broke my heart, it was the cold truth. I can't say it won’t happen and I won’t be there if it does.

I asked the girls if they have "active shooter drills" at school. They have lock down drills (same thing!). They told me what they do and how it’s announced. I told them both if it ever happens you do exactly what they tell you to do. Your schools work with law enforcement and are trained. This conversation went on and I learned so much about their fears and emotions about this.

Kids need to talk – and they need us to listen! I didn’t make it go away for them yesterday, but I was there to make sure they were heard. I encourage you to let your kids lead a similar conversation.

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Mike Prochaska
Can we add an unlike button because no kids should Come home from school scared
Holly Budde
I agree Mike Prochaska !! sadly, millions of kids are in our schools thinking it could be their school. Its time to get mad as hell ! so sad-- those poor kids
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Holly Budde . Sometimes the best thing we can do as parents is to listen. But I really wish it weren't about subjects like this. No kid should have to talk about this. So upsetting. Hugs to your kids! Mike Prochaska - agreed!
Mike Prochaska
So glad my kids are young enough to
Not notice or hear about tnis
Meredith Schneider
Mike Prochaska wish mine were all little. What an emotionally exhausting week. We did a lot of listening this week. Thanks for sharing this Holly Budde xoxxoox

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