Can You Learn Anything From the Tragedy in Las Vegas? Yes, the Answer Comes From Within by Gail Harris

5 years ago

Can You Learn Anything From the Tragedy in Las Vegas? Yes, the Answer Comes From Within

How do you come to terms with senseless violence? How do you integrate what happened in Las Vegas, and other tragedies around our country and world, into your heart and mind, so that you can explain it to your child? There’s no explanation, other than the fact that killers and haters have forgotten that we are all connected.

There is no separation. We are One.

You know this even if you were taught differently. We all do. It’s a universal truth and the greatest gift you can give your child. So find that place inside yourself that knows the truth. Here’s how: Say to yourself, “My heart knows …” Your answer will be your deepest truth.

This very act is loving your child.

Donna John
This is beautiful, @gailharris. Thank you so much for pulling such a moving message from such a horrible tragedy.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
What a lovely reflection to come from such a terrible tragedy. Thank you for helping us process the horrible events in Orlando and elsewhere, @gailharris. May everyone find the truth in their hearts and realize we are all One! xoxo
Gail Harris
Thank you for seeing the truth in it Donna John @elisa. As it said, it is up to each one of it individually to do so. Thanks for inspiring me #30SecondMom.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is very powerful, Gail Harris . Thank you for always reminding us that our heart knows the answer. It's important we pass this knowledge on to our kids.
Gail Harris
Yea @elisa. Such an insane world. Moms have the most important work in the world. Even when our kids are in college. 🌈
Stephanie Cannoe
Our heart knows the truth. Amen! Thank you for holding a light in the darkness.
Gail Harris
Stephanie Cannoe Back at ya’. Gotta remember what’s real.
Stephanie Cannoe
Yes. The ultimate truth. We are one. Divine harmony.

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