The "No" Stage: 5 Ways to Get Toddlers to Consider More Than "No!" by Teacher Karen

5 years ago

The "No" Stage: 5 Ways to Get Toddlers to Consider More Than "No!"

Think of your typical toddler. You’ll hear a lot of NO to this, and NO to that, and how could you even suggest that … NO! YES, it’s their way of flexing their own autonomy, but it can be taxing, tiring and tedious for parents. How to get from NO to YES?

  • Give options. "Would you like to wear your blue sweater or red sweater?" "Do you want an apple or orange slice?"
  • Give attention. One of the most helpful phrases in preschool: "Tell me about _____." This tells them they are worthy of your time and attention and what they’re doing is also valued.
  • Give consideration. Offering explanations of what, where, how, etc. YES, sometimes, in safety-related matters a full explanation isn’t appropriate, but when children understand the why behind a request they’re more likely to cooperate.
  • Give control. "I need to do some work for your school, could you help me by ___." Everyone likes to feel useful!
  • Give connections. Children want their parents’ time and attention. Connect with them – play, read, talk, just be together! Five to 10 minutes can make a huge difference, plus laying the groundwork now will also help later!

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Elisa Schmitz
Oh, I remember this stage very well. Thank you for the great suggestions, Teacher Karen ! 😀
Teacher Karen
Oh yes this is a memorable stage alright!! And now that my grandbubs have turned 1 technically they've entered toddlerhood...could get interesting!
Tiffany Zook
My little girl loves to help me bake, even if it means extra time for me during clean up. Kitchen help is always a Yes in our home.
Tiffany Zook
I have always let the girls pick out their own outfits, they love having control of their colors and style. Family & friends appreciate seeing the day’s “kaleidoscope of colors” as the girls walk in the school doors!
Teacher Karen
I can tell straightaway when I see kiddos if they're given autonomy over their dressing..I love seeing the kaleidoscope of colors too! Way to go Tiffany Zook ...your girls are well on their way to independent thinking and decision-making!

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