Kid's Birthday Parties: What Happened to Having a Birthday Party at Home? by Jen Imbaro

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6 years ago

Kid's Birthday Parties: What Happened to Having a Birthday Party at Home?

When I was a kid, it was rare that birthday parties weren't at home. Yes, there were clowns or magicians. Once in a while, we went to a roller rink. But the norm was not the birthday party factory, with ubiquitous indoor picnic table where all the kids seem to know exactly what to do, and the parents stand awkwardly around the perimeter wondering if they get cake, too.

I do not mean to criticize parents who go this route. These places are awesome! They setup, cleanup, manage the kids, pack up the gifts, etc. What's not to love? I'm really honestly wondering how and when this became the societal norm? And do people think I'm weird that I love to have my kid's party in my own home?

Is it that we feel pressure to invite ALL the kids from class, but we don't have room in our homes? Is it that kids are not dropped off at parties anymore until they are much older, so now we need space for parents, too? Are we setting our kids' expectations for entertainment too high? I'm curious. tell me why?

Planning my own parties was one of the best things I did with my mom. I've already passed this love along to my own son and plan to continue as long as he lets me, at home.

Where do you have your kid's birthday parties?

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Donna John
Most of my kids' birthday parties were at home. I loved having them there. After the kid part was over, my friends, family and neighbors would stay and it went on until very late. Good times! I cringe when my grandson says he wants his party at Chuck E Cheese or one of those trampoline places. Jen Imbaro
Jen Imbaro
Such a good point about getting to extend the party with friends if you have it at home. These are the kind of days of which memories are made. I know the kids all have fun no matter what, but it sometimes feels like an endless wheel of play spaces and bouncy houses. I enjoy the creativity of trying to expand upon a theme at home.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Jen Imbaro : YES! This is such perfect timing for me! We're having Trevor's party at home in early Feb., and I've been planning to write about it. I hope I don't duplicate too much of what you've written here, because I've been having all of these thoughts, too! :)
Jen Imbaro
Well, there is much more to say than can be said in 1200 characters. I didn't even touch on all the reasons why I like doing it at home....
Vicki Putnam Pompa
Jen, you are a creative person and always have been. You planned and decorated for most of your parties growing up. They were the best memories. And not just birthday parties. I loved the costume parties you planned. And now you are planning them for my grandson...and inviting me to join the fun. Wonderful times!!! Thanks!
Elisa Schmitz
So true, Jen Imbaro ! I hope you will share your reasons and some fun ideas with us! Donna John can always add more to your tip (out it in the Notes section when you submit). Thank you! 🎉
I’m all about the convenience. I’m not the mom that loves planning, setting up, entertaining, and cleaning all. Actually, I’m the exact opposite. I love having the option of having someone else take care of everything to where I can actually enjoy the party too. 😉

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