Tech & Kids: In the Digital Age Are Parents' Rights Enough? 30Seconds Tribe, Let's Talk! by Teacher Karen

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5 years ago

Tech & Kids: In the Digital Age Are Parents' Rights Enough? 30Seconds Tribe, Let's Talk!

I shared an article on Facebook recently about an investor group pressuring Apple to do more to protect children from the addictive nature of smartphones. I asked if these phones, and in a broader sense, electronic devices, were the modern-day equivalent of cigarettes requiring governmental regulations to protect consumers and minors? Smartphones give a child, in effect, constant access to social media, affecting their mental and physical health and wellness. This unfettered, potentially unfiltered access to digital technology leads to, among other things: 

  • sleep deprivation 
  • decreased ability to focus

Both of these things contribute negatively to school performance. And, tragically, there’s a correlation between smartphone use and higher risks of suicide as well as depression.

I wondered what our 30Seconds moms and dads would think: Have makers of smartphones, and all things digital or virtual, done such a remarkable job creating (and marketing) products that engage consumers so thoroughly that these same consumers don’t have the capability to make rational decisions for themselves or their children? Is it personal responsibility, or a combination? 

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Mike Prochaska
I agree phones should be banned for kids! -#playmatters
Elisa Schmitz
This is a fascinating question, Teacher Karen . I have been thinking about it a lot. The explosion of smartphones and social media is creating the biggest experiment on our children. Growing up with these devices, while they are gaining tech savvy and access to info, I think they are losing so much - real-life interaction, attention spans are shortening, on-demand everything is becoming the norm. No one has patience. I worry so much, and do think we need to be very careful about when we give our kids phones and how much access they should have to them once they get them. And of course, monitoring of what happens on those devices. So complicated!

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