Holocaust Survivor Eva Mozes Kor Teaches Us About the Power of Forgiveness by Nicole DeAvilla

2 years ago

All I could say was, “Wow.” Watching the Mengele twin Holocaust survivor video stopped me in my tracks. As an educator and healer, I know that the practice of forgiving is very healing and powerful. I help my clients come to a place of forgiveness. I train my yoga therapist students how to help their clients forgive.

And I thought I practiced what I preached.

After watching Eva Mozes Kor, a twin who survived Dr. Josef Mengele, speak of being tortured as a “medical experiment” and her journey to complete forgiveness, I was suddenly aware of some small grievances and grudges I still held. And I thought, if she can forgive the people who tortured her, why can’t I forgive these small incursions? Why am I not allowing myself to be as free and empowered as she has become?

This morning I woke up as a freer, more empowered person than I was yesterday. Thanks to Eva for helping me gain the wisdom to see that only I was suffering from holding these grudges. In full forgiveness, we take back our power in all of its glory.

Forgiving is a process, as Eva illustrates so powerfully. Begin your journey today so that you, too, can become free and powerful.

Read the full post on 2 Minute YogaThis video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is incredibly powerful. We should all be so forgiving as Eva. The world would be so much better of a place (and maybe there would be less to forgive, too)! Thank you for sharing your perspective, Nicole DeAvilla ! 2 Minute Yoga Nicole DeAvilla: The Yoga Therapist Parenting Coach
Christie Gosch
Wow. Just wow. My intention this week, when I teach, will be about the ability to forgive. That IS powerful! Thanks for sharing this.
Nicole DeAvilla
So glad you will be sharing this with your students Christie Gosch .
Stephanie Cannoe
I am moved by her courage and inspired to do the same. I know my next step. Thank you for sharing this powerful testament.
Nicole DeAvilla
Good for you Stephanie Cannoe for knowing your next step. You can do it. <3

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