Rebuild Your Credit: Ways to Frugally Build Your Credit So You Can Grow Financially by Amanda Condio

6 years ago

Rebuild Your Credit: Ways to Frugally Build Your Credit So You Can Grow Financially

Need to rebuild or build your credit? Here are a couple easy ways to start:

  • Credit card. Yes, you’ve read that right. Applying for a credit card could boost your credit score massively. There are many lenders that will give a credit card to people with bad credit with the purpose of helping your regain that trust from lenders. offers many different types of credit card, including the type that will accept you even with a low credit score. Remember, though, to use the credit card for things that you’re able to pay back, and don’t use it as an excuse to go spending and land yourself in debt again. After a few months, or even a year of showing that you’re trustworthy with money, you should see that companies are more accepting of you because your credit score has improved. 
  • Save to spend. It’s understandable that there are times in life where big purchases have to be made. For example, if your washing machine breaks then you’re going to need to find the money to buy a new one, and if you’re unable to do that straight away through the use of a credit card or a service like Littlewoods, you might become stuck.

Make sure you’re saving any spare money you can for times like this, so that you don’t have to take out a loan.

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Elisa Schmitz
Thanks for the suggestions, Amanda Condio !
Evizint [inactive]
I really want to share with you one wonderful site that I use because we often need money that we do not have enough. Trust me, this is the most profitable offer in your life.
Randall Segars
great info for me thanks

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