Go Green to Save Your Green: 4 Ways to Lower Your Bills & Save Money! by Amanda Condio

4 years ago
Go Green to Save Your Green: 4 Ways to Lower Your Bills & Save Money!

Going eco-friendly won’t just save the planet, it will save you money. There are endless ways to go green. Here are four!

  • When it comes to electricity bills, buying Energy Star-rated appliances and halogen light bulbs can make a big difference – these use much less power while still providing the same task.
  • When it comes to gas bill, insulation is the key way to lower your rates – the likes of double-glazed windows and loft insulation will contain heat more and have you reaching for the thermostat less.
  • It’s possible to go all the way and install water recycling systems and solar panels (the latter of which could prevent you from ever paying an electric bill again).
  • A more economical car, meanwhile, will lower your road tax and have you paying for less fuel.

Learn more at FunkyFrugalMommy.com!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Awesome tips for going green and saving money all at once, Amanda Condio ! So glad to have you as part of our tribe. Welcome to #30Seconds! We look forward to learning and growing with you! :-)
Nicole DeAvilla
Love combing green and saving money together! Thanks - and welcome to the #30Seconds Tribe!
Chloe Taylor
A good thing you could do is to hire some professionals to check your electricity connection ( ) in order to ensure you have the right provider for you eco-friendly and budget needs.
Cupones Descuento
Led bulbs are a great way to safe energy and money. They give the same light as normal bulbs, but with a much less power consumption.

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