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#MotherhoodRocks! The Joyful Side of Motherhood With Gail Harris! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
#MotherhoodRocks! The Joyful Side of Motherhood With Gail Harris!

Dirty diapers, trips to the emergency room, tough love and no rule book show one side of motherhood. We were excited to celebrate the joyful side of motherhood with our very own 30Seconds contributor, Gail Harris. Gail, author of "Finding Zoe" and "Your Heart Knows the Answer," shared with the 30Seconds tribe why #MotherhoodRocks!

Q: Boy, oh, boy, being a mom is F-U-N. How so for you?

Being a mom brings out the kid in me. I connect with my spirituality, which makes things fun instead of scary. I so enjoy my son’s sense of humor.I get that being a powerful mama and woman is fun. Crazy things happen and I find my sense of humor.

Q: How is motherhood your greatest challenge?

Motherhood brings up my worst fears, so I can let them go. Motherhood challenges me to differentiate wants from needs. It challenges me to take a deep breath before doing something I might regret. It challenges me to use tough love, when needed. Motherhood shows me that trusting myself is the only way. I need to be my best even when it’s hard. Motherhood forces me to put my own needs aside.

Q: How is motherhood your greatest blessing?

I must truly love myself to be the best mom. I recognize that raising a child is the greatest privilege of my life. Motherhood challenges me to rise to the occasion even when I don’t think I can. Being a mom teaches me how to let go. I feel the joy of family and being in my power.

Q: Trusting our hearts is everything. How do you recognize your heart’s messages?

I become still and listen. Don’t force. Have patience and trust. I set an intention to hear my heart’s messages. I quiet my mind every day through meditation. I make trusting my heart’s messages my No. 1 priority. I trust my heart’s messages, which makes it easier to hear them next time.

Q: School-aged kid? How is your heart telling you to prepare?

I encourage my son to express his feelings about starting 9th grade. I remind my son that all I expect from him is to do his best. I remind my son of the successes he had last year. I bought my son a new pair of sneakers he really wanted. I tell my son how much confidence I have in him to succeed.

Q: How do you model self-love for your child?

  • I talk about my feelings and encourage my son to do the same.
  • I eat healthy food and encourage healthy eating habits.
  • I take quiet time daily and encourage my son to find ways to decompress.
  • I walk every day and praise my son for riding his bike.
  • I limit my time online to set an example.

Q: #MotherhoodRocks, but it’s challenging. How do you keep your sense of humor?

Being a mom helps me to recognize life’s absurdities. I focus on the positive rather than the negative. I get together with my friends for a good laugh. I remember to see the best in myself, and in my son. I remember there’s never a shortage of love to go around.

Q: As a mama who rocks it, how do you find your bliss?

I remember to love myself, and let it shape everything I do. I connect with my divinity, which makes me know what to do. I feel the gift of being able to shape a life. I feel love inside and then give it away. I celebrate life’s mystery, as I watch my son grow and change.

Be sure to follow @gailharris_, like Gail Harris on Facebook, visit and check out her 30Seconds page!

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Gail Harris
Thanks. Looking forward to celebrating #motherhood with y'all. Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Pam McCormick
Looking forward to it! 😊
Kim Kusiciel
This is going to be amazing!!!
Kim Kusiciel
Ann Poyer and Sue Kowols, you will love this twitter chat! Stop by on Twitter if you can!
Donna John
Gail Harris , you're one of my favorite people. Can't wait to chat with you tonight!
Gail Harris
Ah, likewise @donna. So glad you will be there to add that specialness that makes you YOU. see you later.
Holly Budde
100% agree !! see you ladies tonight.

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