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#30Seconds Live: Get Ready for Back to School With Tips From Mindy Hudon! by Nicole DeAvilla

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It's hard to believe, but summer is winding down. School starts in just a few weeks. Yikes! Are you and your kids ready? What can you do to prepare your child for the start of school? This week we were excited to welcome our #30Seconds contributor, Mindy Hudon, as our Twitter chat guest, and feature her on #30Seconds Live. Mindy shared tips on how to help your child get ready for school and classroom teacher tips on how you can support your child to have a positive school year! 

Q: What should parents do to start preparing for the end of summer and the start of a new school year?

  • Start by getting them back on a school bedtime- and wake-time schedule.
  • If you haven’t already, start having them sit down and read 20 minutes a day and do fun math while cooking or building something.
  • Talk positively about school. Try to avoid negative comments about school and teachers in front of children.
  • Give your child age-appropriate responsibilities: packing their own lunch/backpack, opening snack bags/milk containers, etc.

Q: When should children become more independent?

  • Gradual release of responsibilities can start in preschool from dressing, opening a juice box and packing their backpack.
  • Simple steps: Show them how to do a skill. Do it together. Watch them do it. Let them do it on their own.
  • Middle school kids are expected to be more independent with homework. They still need to go through the “steps” to be independent.
  • Practice different study strategies by using the “steps” and see which one works best for your child.

Q: How can parents help their children be better organized?

  • Get school supplies. Make it special by getting them new a backpack, notebooks, organizers, pens, markers, crayons, etc.
  • Color coding helps keep subjects together. Match notebooks, folders, organizer tabs. 
  • Make a homework box. Include anything they will need to do their homework so they don’t need to get up.
  • Pack your child’s backpack with everything they need and take a picture. Post the picture. Have your child match it daily.
  • Use helpful apps like 30/30 to assist your children to complete chores or to do lists in a timely manner. Try time management/planning apps like ChoreMonster to make chores fun for kids.

Q: My child is busy with extracurricular activities after school How do I fit it all in?

School and home life should be priority. My rule is one activity per season. Schedules can be chaotic and you and your kids need down time. As the parent you just need to say “no.” With your older child, use a calendar and plan ahead two weeks for tests/projects and other commitments. Make sure to add in down time. The school year can be crazy, but you can be in charge of how much craziness impacts your kids.

Q: What should parents do to be more involved with their child’s school?

  • Being a positive addition to your child’s school is great way for you to connect with teachers and for your child to know that you care about school. 
  • Join the PTA, attend family events, volunteer at the school/classroom, get to know other families and staff. 
  • Before school starts, email the teacher about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and personality traits. 
  • Ask the teacher how you can help your child at home and what is the best way and time to communicate with each other.
  • Make a home-school calendar to stay informed about school events, projects and deadlines.

Q: What should I do if I have concerns about academic performance or another child?

  • Be your child’s advocate, but keep your negative concerns away from your child’s listening ears. 
  • Make sure you have all the details before you contact the teacher with your concerns. Your child’s view of a situation may be different from reality. Get the facts.
  • Always use positive communication. Your child’s teacher is typically trying to do what is best for all children. If the issues have not been resolved, contact the school principal to present your concerns in a non-judgmental manner. Make a plan with the teacher/administrator to help resolve the issues to help your child be successful.

Q: What do teachers want parents to know?

  • Read, read, read to your child and read some more!
  • Have your child tell you about books and make up their own stories.
  • Limit technology time! Let them read, talk and use their imagination!
  • Unplug and be present in your child’s life and not always connected to technology.
  • Have unstructured time and sometimes even being bored can be very beneficial.
  • Make sure your kids get to bed on time, give them a good breakfast each morning and make sure they get help with their homework.
  • Empower kids to be responsible for themselves and praise them for their efforts. It develops self-esteem and a positive "I can" attitude.

Watch this fun video interview with Mindy - our first with a studio audience! - and be sure to follow @MindyHudonlike her on Facebook, visit and check out her 30Seconds page!

Holly Budde
we are Running out if summer already!! This will great Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Meredith Schneider
Oh Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP, I so want to be more prepared for the start of school this year! My kids go back August 28th..
Nicole DeAvilla
I look forward to seeing you tonight Ashley Turner ! :)
Toni B
Yeah! sounds like a fun time.......let's load the happy bus! hee hee
Sheryl Gould
I am going to try to join the chat for part of the time!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Thanks! Anytime is a good time with #30Second Chats
Karen Mazzoni
Trying to see if I RSVP ed correctly. I'm horrible at this, but great about anything kid related. So hoping I can join!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Don't worry, we will all help you out!

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