Harvard Rescinds 10 Admissions Offers; You May Be Surprised Why! by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead

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4 years ago
Harvard Rescinds 10 Admissions Offers; You May Be Surprised Why!

According to The Harvard Crimson student newspaper, Harvard University has rescinded admissions offers to at least 10 incoming members of the class of 2021. Their offers were not rescinded for poor grades in their final semester of high school or for lying on their Harvard applications, but rather as the result of their participation in an exchange of “sexually explicit memes and messages that sometimes targeted minority groups in a private Facebook group chat.” 

Perhaps the students’ actions and Harvard’s decision will encourage young people (as well as adults) to consider more seriously issues such as cyber-bullying and digital citizenship, and their relationship to them. One of the lessons here is that there are consequences to what we say and write, particularly if we target an individual or group in a hateful, offensive or threatening way. More importantly, though, I hope young people will consider their own views and actions – and what they say about their character.

Read more about this article via The Harvard Crimson here

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I was so happy to see Harvard take a stand on this issue. It's not just about grades or test scores - it's about character! Thanks for sharing, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead !
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I couldn't agree more, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! Having taught & advised college students for over fifteen years myself, I was pleased to see Harvard respond as they did. What an important teachable moment.
Tiffany Zook
Harvard is setting a new standard, couldn't be prouder! Thanks AM
Katie Sloan
Kids are building their personal 'brand' on social media- good and bad. Glad to see Harvard take a stand. Hopefully these students will learn from this experience!

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