Mom & Dad: Let Your Kids Be Little (Big Comes Soon Enough)! by Erin Musto

7 months ago
Mom & Dad: Let Your Kids Be Little (Big Comes Soon Enough)!

My daughter is a Little League baseball player. I love seeing her play, seeing her be a part of a team. I feel immense pride when she hits the ball and runs with her whole self. She is 8. I let her be 8. I remind her to just have fun. I love when one and a half hours into the game she plays in the sand (it is a long time for an 8-year-old to stand and follow directions). We parents are letting life get too serious too fast … let them stay little. 

There will come a day, very soon, that she will take on more and be expected to be stronger or faster. There will be a day that she might try to master pitching, but today she is 8. I want her to just love learning to be a team, being excited when she wins, OK when she loses. I want her to look back at me and smile as she runs to meet her team, always.

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh, Erin Musto , this is so wonderful! As a former Little League baseball player myself, I especially love this tip. Let's savor every moment of our kids' childhoods! xoxo
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more, Erin Musto! Love this. Thanks for sharing.
Stacey Roberts
I adhere to this mindset vehemently for both my kids, but especially when it comes to the way I dress my 8 yr old daughter. Oh no wait, she's 17 and just graduated, but when she was 8! Thanks for sharing (Bliss then & now 😢)
Gail Harris
I'm glad I came by this tip @ErinMusto. I so appreciate your attitude. My son is 14 1/2 and I just don't know where the time goes. I used to live in a town where the parents talked about getting in to college when their kid was in kindergarten. It was nuts. We need to look within and not without. Follow our hearts. Thanks, again.

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