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Get Summer Fit Physically & Mentally With SmashFit’s Heather Frey! by Nicole DeAvilla

6 years ago
Get Summer Fit Physically & Mentally With SmashFit’s Heather Frey!

Summer is just about here, but there’s still time to tone up your body and mind! We were thrilled to have our very own #30Seconds contributor, Heather Frey, founder of SmashFit, give us the motivation and the facts for getting into summer shape. Read on for her fantastic shape-up tips and inspiration!

Q: There are a lot of fitness myths out there, what are a few that people should know?

There are a lot of fitness myths and that wrong information could be what's stalling progress. I'll discuss a few.

MYTH - Doing lots of cardio will get you in shape. FALSE. Cardio is great for the heart and aids in fat burning, but too much cardio can slow progress as the body will adapt to long bouts of activity. Your body is brilliant at adapting.Try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), bursts of power followed by a slower phase. Sprints are a great example.

Q. What about "no eating after 8 p.m."?

No eating after 8 p.m. is a MYTH. Your body doesn't care what time you eat, it cares WHAT you eat. People often succumb to cravings at night, so “no eating after a 8 p.m.” can be a good guideline, BUT if your hungry, EAT. There’s nothing wrong with snacking on fruit/protein/veggies at night. The body uses up these nutrients. What matters is the QUALITY food. It's less about calories than it is about NUTRIENTS. It's hard to overeat veggies and protein. Two-hundred calories of fruit/veggie/protein and 200 calories of candy work very differently in the body. One takes you forward the other back.

Q: Address the myth that women will get big if they lift weights.

The "women will get big if they lift weights” is one of the biggest and most perpetuated fitness myths out there.First, girls are physically and physiologically incapable of getting as big as men. You need testosterone, and lots of it. Getting "big" takes strategy. You have to lift heavy … often. Yes, women will grow muscle but that's what makes you strong! The myth of getting big generally comes from people not improving eating habits. Muscle grows and the layer on top goes with it.

Q: Losing motivation is often what stops people. How do you stay motivated?

What keeps me motivated is that I've been on the other side of the fitness fence and I don't want to go back. It is so much harder to live in the misery of wanting to change than actually doing the work to change. The mental side of fitness is the key to it all – getting your brain to do what your heart wants. Having sheer DESIRE is No. 1. People have lost huge amounts of weight, overcome injury and disability, and conquered unimaginable obstacles not because of their physical body but because of their MIND. They decided it.

Q. What are some tips to get your mental side on the right track?

First, make a BIG HAIRY goal, the kind that sounds unrealistic to other people but it’s not! There really is no unrealistic, you just have to take realistic steps. Next, make a first goal. Get very specific. Specific goals might be:

  • "I want to run in a race."
  • "I want to fit in these pants."
  • "I want to see these muscles."

Then assign emotion to your reasons "why." Your WHY will be emotional fuel to keep you going even when you don't feel like it.

Q: Summer is just around the corner, what's some advice for parents now that kids will be home?

Find a fitness you enjoy. It's not just "doing it" that gets you fit, it's the "keep doing it" that brings true fitness. When you move in a way you love, you find a way. Many your gym has a Kids Clubs, or you might take turns watching kids with other moms. You can also rent workout tapes from the library and YouTube has an abundance of home workouts. And when things are just too busy, EAT CLEAN. Focus on nutrient-filled nutrition, cut the junk and your body will show it.

Q: Do you have any gym tips for newbies?

Don't be scared, stomp on in there! People aren't looking at you, they're thinking about themselves.You have to put away your fear and just do it. Ask the trainers and people working out questions, they're happy to help. Even the fitness people have been NEW. Nobody started out knowing it all but they embraced awkward until it wasn't anymore. Not to mention google, YouTube and tons of workout apps to get you on your way.

Heather Frey
Wooo! Can't wait for tonight. I so love throwing out the fitness garbage so people can move forward! Thanks so much for having me Elisa!
Nicole DeAvilla
Don't forget to RSVP - top right hand corner, so you can be eligible to win prizes - Heather Frey has some great give-aways!
Heather Frey
Look forward to tweeting you there Joel!
Meredith Schneider
Yay! Can't wait to hear what Heather Frey has to share with all of us! See everyone Wednesday! ;) xo
Heather Frey
So happy you'll be there Meredith!
Nicole DeAvilla
Don't forget to RSVP! XO
Kim Kusiciel
I can't wait for these tips! Thanks Heather Frey for leading this chat.
Heather Frey
Thanks Kim! Will lovely tweeting with you. Really looking forward to tonight!
Nicole DeAvilla
Me too Kim Kusiciel - see you tonight! xo
Holly Budde
sorry I wont be on tonight. I am definitely missing a good one!
Toni B
Yes, but you'll be with us in spirit! xoxoxo
Elisa Schmitz
Always missed when you aren't there! Love ya, Holly Budde !
Toni B
Yeah! 20 minutes to go.....see you then!

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