Are You the Mom That Doesn't Take Pictures of Her Kids? Read This! by Laurie Balles Simpson

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2 years ago
Are You the Mom That Doesn't Take Pictures of Her Kids? Read This!

I'm that mom. The one that didn't take the pictures. The one that relied on school picture day. The mom that found 12 undeveloped rolls of film of when her sons were little. And yes, the one who had to gather pictures from family to create a graduation collage for her older son. Why? What was so important that I didn't take the pictures? Eighteen years of being a dedicated, loving mother and I have two boxes of photos of their youth, one for each. 

I wish I had the answers, and if I think real hard I'm sure I can come up with reasons why. Do my reasons really matter? Over 10,000 photos or two boxes, are there ever enough pictures to capture their beautiful life journey? I don't know that answer either, however, if I could do it all again, I would without question take the pictures!

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Excellent advice, Laurie Balles Simpson ! I'm the mom that takes the pictures but feels guilty about not scrap-booking them. Someday, I swear!! 💗

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