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Party Planning: Super Bowl® Tips, Recipes & DIY Ideas With Erica Kane by Christine Jones

7 years ago
Party Planning: Super Bowl® Tips, Recipes & DIY Ideas With Erica Kane

Super Bowl® Sunday is almost here! Even if you're not the biggest football fan it's still fun to gather together to watch the game, the commercials and the half-time show with friends. Our very own 30Seconds contributor, Erica Kane, shared her best tips and recipes to get us ready for game day! So huddle up and read on!

Q. What can we do now to be prepared for a winning party on game day?

I'm the queen of prepping in advance. I chop and dice as much as I can the week before and store in airtight containers. By having all of your prep work done, you can literally just throw it all together the day of the party – stress free! 

Have your cups, plates, silverware and everything ready the night before. Have the table set and utensils out. Have a glass of champagne before your guests arrive.

Q. What creative tips do you have for decorating for a Super Bowl® party?

I'm all about form and function. Use fun tablecloths on all of your serving stations (coffee table, island, etc.). The point of these fun tablecloths is they look good AND keep everything clean underneath. No cleanup! Honestly, I get so much decor from Party City. It's inexpensive, functional and cute.

Q. You are a busy mom with a baby. How can we keep it simple yet fun?

A lot of dips don't require any cooking – it's amazing! Just throw them in the food processor. One of my favorite dips to make in my food processor is my  red pepper dip! People will be impressed by a smorgasbord of dips and won't know you didn't have to cook any of them!

Another tip is to use the slow cooker. Throw in chili or queso dip in the a.m. and don't think about it again. This chicken tortilla soup is sure to impress a crowd, believe me! 

Q. What are your favorite recipes for Super Bowl® Sunday?

  • Jazz up traditional Super Bowl® appetizers with these fontina-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
  • This  lasagna soup is great and easy. Use it as an alternative to chili and it WILL impress! 
  • Quiche may seem an odd Super Bowl® choice, but I've made this for many parties, and it’s always a hit! 
  • OMG, you can't find a better appetizer than these  sausage-stuffed mushrooms. You WILL thank me! 

Q. What makes Super Bowl® Sunday a special occasion for you?

Just the chance to have a Sunday Funday with friends and family. Sometimes I watch the game, sometimes I don't. Good food and good drinks. I also like that it's family friendly and the kids can join in on the fun, too. This year Super Bowl® Sunday is special to me because Lady Gaga is performing. She's my fave! Football is an all-American pastime, and for that, I just love it.

Be sure to follow @ericabethe, visit and check out her 30Seconds page!

Nicole DeAvilla
It's always great to have some new ideas for the big day!
Meredith Schneider
So fun! Can't wait to get ideas on what to make for the big game day! ;)
Elisa Schmitz
I can't wait to chat with you about the Big Game, Erica Kane! Woohoo!
Nona Currence
Exciting! We celebrate big time for the Big Game!
Excited to chat with all you ladies :)
Looking forward to chatting with you.
🐉 MOMonaMission 🐞
Hello I'm excited to party!!
Kelli Porcaro
ugh so sorry to miss again but I am looking forward to reading the recap!! Have fun everyone!!!
Nicole DeAvilla
We will miss you! See you next time.

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