Disappointed With the 2016 Election Results? Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle! by Eirene Heidelberger

7 years ago

Disappointed With the 2016 Election Results? Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!

The City of Chicago is somber today, the day after the U.S. election, because the result is not what our state voted for. Our people are quiet, sad, angry, incredulous – all unhappy adjectives describe the majority of our people. Last week we were on the highest high of highs after our Cubs won the World Series, and now here we are only days later in a gloomy funk. So here's what I'm doing about it:

  • I've decided I will go on with my day and my normal routine.
  • I will keep my plans.
  • I will surround myself with like-minded individuals who feel my pain.
  • I will share my thoughts and vent and not stay silent.
  • I will forge ahead for myself.

The election results are not what I hoped for, but, nobody will steal my happy sparkle. I will dress in all black to mourn what could have been, but I'll add some bling to remind myself that our country will be OK. Shine on!

Eirene Heidelberger
Here's how I'm bringing bling on this gloomy day!
Elisa Schmitz
Ahhhh! I love those shoes - I need them today (and every day)!!! xoxo
Elisa Schmitz
I love your attitude, Eirene Heidelberger! Thank you for reminding us to shine on, no matter what! xoxo
Meredith Schneider
We all must shine on and provide the light and motivation for others to keep forging ahead for themselves, ourselves, family and friends. We can't let anything take that from any of us! xoxoxo <3 P.S. Eirene Heidelberger Elisa All 30SecondMom those shoes LOVE them!
Jan Mostrom
Thank you Eirene Heidelberger for this awesome post!

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