Finnish Teens Are Among the Smartest in the World: Here's Who's to Blame! by Rihanna Mistry

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7 years ago

Finnish Teens Are Among the Smartest in the World: Here's Who's to Blame!

Finnish teenagers are among the smartest in the world – and I blame their teachers! In Finland, teaching is a prestigious career. They often teach the same students for 5 years and are left to their own devices, unlike most countries which run a strict curriculum. Schools are very basic and they don’t even encourage extracurricular activities, even sports.

And did you know Finnish students outperform their peers from other countries? Did you also know that Finnish students don't even start school until the age of 7? That means each child gets lots of one-on-one attention in their younger years giving them a tailored learning approach. Learn more in my book, "Get Your Kids Ahead in 10 Minutes Per Day!"

Photo: Little girl dressed for a traditional Easter celebration in Finland

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Elisa Schmitz
This is fascinating! Thank you for sharing, Rihanna Mistry! Would love to see more tips from you.
Ann Marie Patitucci
This makes perfect sense! We could learn a lot from the Finnish! Thanks for sharing, @RihannaMistry1. I just ordered your book! :)
Cynthia Miller
I wish more people knew this -- great stuff!
Mike Prochaska
Finland also has the best ECE education program
Sheri B Doyle
This makes sense. How can we start implementing some of these things in the U.S.? Teaching should be a prestigious career in our country. It is such an important job we owe it to the people who are doing it to respect and appreciate them. I love the concept of allowing children to work freely, it is a similar concept to Montessori it sounds like. I am going to recommend your book to a few friends, thank you for sharing.
Rihanna Mistry
Thanks Sheri. We should definitely learn from them and make a difference.
Michael Kennedy
I'm glad this popped into my feed even though it's from 2 years ago. We've been reading a lot about this lately. Thanks!
Really interesting. Thank you for sharing this about Finland.

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