Bullying Prevention: How to Teach Your Kids & Students to Be "Upstanders!" by Ann Marie Patitucci

Bullying Prevention: How to Teach Your Kids & Students to Be "Upstanders!"

There’s been a lot of talk of bullying in the news lately. There’s no better time to teach your child about being an upstander: one who takes action, particularly when the easiest course is to do nothing. When a child sees another kid being bullied, he or she can help by stepping in – alone or with other friends (if it’s safe to do so) – or by asking an adult for help.

A great example can be found on the playground. If one child tells another, “You can’t play with us!” an upstander can say:

  • "That’s not nice. We should all play together."
  • "Hey, come play with us. We’d love to play with you!" 

Upstanders are special people who help to make our schools and communities more positive, inclusive places. Ask your child: Do you want to be an upstander?

Elisa Schmitz
Bullying prevention is such an important thing to teach our kids. Thank you for always shining a light on this, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! xoxo
Ann Marie Patitucci
My pleasure, Elisa! Thanks for providing us all with a platform to share ideas & support each other!

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