Self-care for Moms on Labor Day: How & Why to Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor by Gail Harris

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a year ago

Self-care for Moms on Labor Day: How & Why to Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor

Moms, know what Labor Day is all about? It’s about reflecting on and celebrating the fruits of our labor, and our ultimate labor love – seeing our child blossom every day.

You deserve a medal. A badge of honor. A hug. A wild time. So if you feel like it, take a few hours off to honor the amazing mom and woman you are. 

What do YOU need? A night out with the girls? A sexy, new negligee? Ten minutes each day to start writing your novel? Remember these tips:

  • Trust your intuition – it will make you the best mom.
  • Remember what activities fill you up, and do them.
  • Take quiet time every day – even five minutes.

You are a woman, as well as a mom with needs and desires. While they may be put on hold temporarily, they mustn’t be forgotten. It is up to you to remember.

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Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for always reminding us to care for ourselves, too, Gail Harris! I always learn from you, chica.
Gail Harris
Thanks. And I learn from you, too.
Elisa Schmitz
This tip is featured in this week's 30Second Mom newsletter. Thank you, Gail Harris!
Gail Harris
Great @elisa. Glad to hear it. Meredith Schneider Yes take care of yourself; honor yourself; love yourself. i will too. have a great weekend.
Meredith Schneider
Love this! Super important for us to stop and love on ourselves! Have an awesome weekend awesome #30SecondMom's xoxo <3
DAC Developments
Thanks for sharing it!

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