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Pam McCormick Puts a Spark in Your July 4th Party With Games, Music, Dance & More! by Donna John

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7 years ago
Pam McCormick Puts a Spark in Your July 4th Party With Games, Music, Dance & More!

What are your plans for July 4th? Whether you're hosting a big party, attending one or just spending time with family, it's a super fun day to celebrate. Pam McCormick joined us at #30SecondMom chat and shared her tips on the best party games and activities, easy patriotic treats and fun song ideas for the ultimate party playlist. Read on to help get your red, white and blue on!

Q: Before we get started with July 4th ideas, tell us a little more about yourself. 

First and foremost, I am a mom of three. Two boys, ages 16 and 12, and a girl, age 6 (aka teen, preteen and a now first grader)! My hubby and I met on an airplane (he sat next to me) and we are coming up on our 20th anniversary in October. Teaching dance is a passion of mine (ages 18 months to adults). It brings me pure JOY to watch people grow in confidence. I believe that dance or any other activity provides lifelong success skills, about working hard and striving for goals. I’m also a writer and editor. My most recent projects are with  J Schwankie uBloom and our fellow 30Second Mom, Kristy Dominiak.

Q: Now, let’s talk about July 4th. How do you start your family’s day out with a “Boom!”?

A loud sound is needed to wake the teen! But a lil’ “snap, crackle, pop” of Rice Krispies is a tradition! We also “decorate” our pancakes with red, white and blue colors (strawberries, blueberries and Cool Whip). We then head out for a “scavenger hunt” to find items within our yard to decorate our bikes, etc., for parade. Our neighborhood has a July 4th parade every year, so decorating bikes, scooters, skateboards and wagons is a tradition. After the July 4th morning parade we rally to head over to Grandma and Papa’s house for beach and pool time!

Q: Fourth of July parties have lots of generations. What do you do to “bridge the gap” and create bonding, laughter and conversation? 

Here are some ice-breakers to try!

  • Games are a great way to spice up conversations in dance classes, parties and especially July 4th celebrations!
  • Demonstrate a silly handshake and then guests shake as many hands (with handshake they learned) in 30 seconds!
  • Tape notecards with names of celebrities on everyone’s back. Guests ask yes or no questions to determine answer.
  • We LOVE Heads Up Game by “The Ellen Show,” which is guaranteed to get everyone laughing!
  • Questions that ALWAYS get a great response from all ages: “Favorite concert?” or “First concert?”

Q: Do you have any other ideas, activities or crafts to add a little sparkle to a July 4th party?

Hula hoops are a must at each Fourth of July party! The dance teacher in me finds joy watching all ages move and “play.” I place hula hoops on the ground to jump in as part of a July 4th obstacle course! The kids LOVE when adults join in! Bubbles are always a big hit! Fun for all ages but also improve eye-hand coordination for the little ones. We make July 4th “poppers” each year. Here’s how:

  1. Decorate an empty toilet paper roll with festive paper or paint.
  2. Apply an uninflated balloon (with bottom cut off) to one end of roll, using a rubber band.
  3. Fill opposite end of roll with confetti or small craft pompons and manually pop them out!

Q: Do you have any other unique or random touches or tips to add to a Fourth of July party?

  • Red, white and blue Popsicles are a must! Along with dipping white chocolate-covered pretzel rods into festive sprinkles. Here’s a tip for younger kids and melting Popsicles: stick handle through the bottom of an upright Solo cup to catch some of the drips.
  • Patriotic colors in drinks! Strawberries (red) and blueberries (blue) in Frost (white) Gatorade with festive glasses!
  • I'm a friend of flower expert J Schwanke. To see a fun July 4th themed arrangement we do, click here
  • July 4th photo props! Family wears red, white and blue, but using props brings older kids in. Great family photo!

Q: Music is an important part of teaching dance. What are some songs on YOUR playlist for the July 4th weekend?

  • One of my July 4th playlist favorites is, of course, "Firework" by Katy Perry!
  • The song of the summer by Justin Timberlake is "Can’t Stop the Feeling."
  • My kids love dancing to "Cake By the Ocean."
  • This song isn’t new but kids LOVE when adults try to “whip and nae nae!”

There are SO many more song choices, but it’s about your crowd and what will get THEM moving!

Q: Any last minute ideas for a memorable July 4th celebration?  

EnJOY the moments! Take it all in. Listen. Engage. Talk to each other. Put the phone down for at least half the day. Celebrate. Laugh. Dance. Count your blessings and, above all, HAVE FUN!!!

Be sure to visit Pam's website,  Dancinmoma.comlike her on Facebook, follow @dancinmoma, visit her 30Second Mom page and read her tips below!

Elisa Schmitz
W00T! Can't wait to party with Pam McCormick! Looking forward to your tips, chica! RSVP @elisatalk
Pam McCormick
Love the #30SecondMom Chats!! Glad to be a part of it!
alejandra carreno
Love getting new party/recipe ideas! Tweet you later~ RSVP alejandra carreno
Pam McCormick
See you there! It's a great place to collaborate on ideas! :)
Kristy Dominiak
Go Pam McCormick!! RSVP Kristy Dominiak
Pam McCormick
Thanks, Kristy!! See you there!! :)
RSVP @ NJBeachGrl
Donna John
Thank you for all the great tips, Pam McCormick!
Elisa Schmitz
What a great chat - you know it was awesome because we trended on Twitter, woohoo! Thanks for everything, Pam McCormick, Donna John, Jan Mostrom, Chrissy Jones! #goteam

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